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International Call Center Operational Tips

Running a call center is a big job and running an international call center is an even bigger job. There are many roadblocks and challenges to deal with as different countries would have different cultures, business ethics, customer behavior, etc. To help you run your international call center more efficiently, we have come up with the top tips that you can follow.

1. Use cloud call center solution

You can buy a proprietary call center solution and host it on the cloud or you can use a hosted call center solution, which will be hosted on the cloud by default. The reason for using cloud call center solution is because of the benefits it offers over on-premises software such as:

  • Better failover and recovery
  • 99% of uptime
  • Fastest scalability
  • Reliability and security

All these benefits will help you deliver excellent services to your international customers.

2. Hire local agents

When you are in the international market, quality becomes everything. Therefore, it is necessary that you hire agents that can not only speak the native language of your global clients, but can also deliver them a more personalized experience. This is possible by hiring local agents. If you are thinking about budget, you may hire 2 out of 20 local agents and the two can train the rest to deliver a better customer experience to regional clients.

3. Keep agents motivated and focused

Your agents are the face of the company or call center. Thus, it is necessary to keep your agents focused and motivated to work better and faster. Some of the tips you can follow for international call center operations with a local or global team of agents are as below:

  • Provide thorough training
  • Define rewards and awards for better-performing agents
  • Regularly test the skills of your agents and give required coaching to improve
  • Define collective goals and build a call center culture around that

4. Ask supervisors to monitor in real-time

Many call centers have a habit of taking a look at the performance indicators in general and as and when time permits. However, when you are operating an international call center, it becomes necessary to monitor the quality and productivity in real-time. The advanced call center solution supports real-time monitoring by showing live statistics. This can help supervisors of a call center to keep an eye on the ongoing activities and take action in real-time to improve results and enhance performance in real-time.

5. Add more communication channels

People are busy and therefore often avoid taking sales calls from companies or staying on hold for long to get a resolution. However, enticing and catering to them with other communication channels can be great to impress your international clients and improve many other KPIs. The omnichannel call center solutions are available, which supports all different modes of communication to cater to clients and prospects.

These are the top 5 tips you can follow to enhance operations and improve results for your international call center. We offer a call center solution and many other services and add-ons related to the call center software. Contact us for more details.

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