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Live Chat Solution for Website: Best Practices for Its Effective Use

Solutions June 12, 2018

High customer satisfaction can score the double revenues and skyrocket a business. The live chat solution for website is one of the most effective customer support solution. It can be placed on the website.

The effective use of the live chat solution can result in increased lead generation and business. We have been offering the best live chat software to our clients. In this article, based on the practical use of the live chat software on the website, we will share the top 5 best practices that can help you to make maximum use of this amazing tool.

1. Place it in a user friendly manner

The live chat software is a complete system that comes with many features and modules in the backend. The agents use those features to provide effective chat support to the website visitors. On the contrary, the front-end aka your website will only have a small button and a chat widget.

This chat button has to be placed in a user friendly manner. As per the standards, you shall put it on the bottom right corner of the screen or on the middle right side of the screen. The live chat solution has to be responsive to provide required chat support on different devices. It shouldn’t block any content and has to match the theme of the website.

2. Collect Contact Information

The contact information is important to start the sales funnel. Once you get the contact details, you can send follow-ups, email newsletters, informative messages and many more relevant marketing materials entice a customer. However, don’t be greedy to ask a lot of details. You must ask minimum details, such as,

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

The phone number field can be optional as some people don’t feel comfortable sharing it during the first conversation.

3. Stay Online

This is an obvious fact. It is a live chat support and you must be online to provide the live chat. Of course, you may have certain working hours and you might not work during off hours, but, there should be at least 8 hours/day when you are providing the live support.

4. Use Humans for Live Chat

Almost half of the companies have started using the chatbots. This technology is still evolving and chatbots are still not good enough to provide the best live communication support. Thus, you must use the humans for the live chat.

If you are getting hundreds of chat requests, then you may use the bots to qualify the leads, but once the lead is qualified, the chat must be transferred to a human agent to entice the visitor.

5. Use all available features

The live chat solution comes with a lot of interesting and helpful features, but 80% companies fail to use them completely. All they do is, just answer queries of the visitor. You must train the agents to use all features.

For example, visitor path can help understanding his interest and provide personalized answers with possible upselling. Use chat transcription to work on weaknesses. Use ‘transfer chat’ to transfer the chat to the senior or technical person, if the visitor is asking out-of-the-box questions that a senior can handle.

Concluding Note

The live chat solution can skyrocket your business if used correctly. The above mentioned tips will definitely help you to utilize the live chat solution at its best.

We, Elisiontec, offer the best live chat software with white label. Contact us to discuss more.

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