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Major Features to Boost ROI of Your Outbound Call Center

Customer Care May 19, 2022

Outbound call centers perform amazingly well for sales, telemarketing, cold calling, collection, and multiple other types of campaigns. The outbound contact center solutions provided by the top call center software providers are loaded with an array of amazing features that can take the ROI graph higher.

Let’s explore more about the major features of the call center solution that boost outbound call center’s ROI.

1. Predictive dialer

An outbound call center solution provides an array of auto dialers like a progressive dialer, preview dialer, power dialer, etc. The predictive dialer is one of the most advanced auto dialer solutions. It predicts the availability of agents and call connect rate. It makes sure as soon as an agent is ready to take the call, the next call is allocated to him. This helps in boosting productivity, which will increase sales and reduce expenses to boost ROI.

2. Collection module

This module is available for collection agencies. The call center collection integration provides automation in multiple jobs related to the collection. This helps in maximizing collection with the available manpower and other resources.

3. Truecaller phone number verification

The Truecaller business number verification helps in positioning a positive business brand. This helps in increasing the call connect rate up to 75%. This increases sales conversations and sales to boost ROI.

4. Agent call script

The outbound call center solutions provide customized campaign-based call scripts for agents. This helps in offering the required support with an easy-to-skim script. The agent call script helps in converting leads into sales or customers.

5. Voice and SMS broadcasting

Call center automation always helps in enhancing resource optimization and productivity-boosting. The best outbound call center software provides multiple automation features. SMS and voice broadcasting features help in sending the same promotional message to all customers without occupying agents in the calls with customers. This helps in boosting agent productivity and performance.

6. Callback scheduling

The call center software with outbound campaigns also helps in scheduling callbacks automatically. This feature adds the number to the list of phone numbers to be auto dialed by the auto dialer like a predictive dialer or a power dialer. This ensures that all follow-up calls from the customers are generated at the right time without any misses. This not only enhances the brand image, but also increases the sales and goal conversions.

The call center solutions offer an array of features to benefit different campaigns and businesses. The outbound contact center software provides various other features along with the top six mentioned in this blog post. These features help in enhancing the results of the software and boosting ROI.

We have built the most powerful call center software with omnichannel communication, Truecaller business number verification, AI voice analysis, and multiple other amazing features that can help you boost your ROI even higher. This software is available as a licensed and rental solution. Contact us to book a free demo of this outbound contact center solution.

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