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Matrix IP Phone Phonebook Integration: Increase Productivity, Efficiency and Business

VoIP solutions August 28, 2018

Many companies use Matrix IP Phone to add a much needed element in their communication infrastructure that creates a reliable communication system. Also, the Matrix IP Phone helps in creating a collaborative business experience to empower businesses.

There are various IP Phones offered by the Matrix and each of it has different communication and collaboration features. Some of the IP Phones offered by Matrix are provisioned with amazing features. However, some of the models miss a vital feature, called, Phonebook.

We all know contact management is necessary for any company. It is highly inconvenient to dial a number manually every time the staff wants to speak with someone.

Also, it is tough to recognize who is calling in as the numbers can’t be stored. Of course, there are some models of Matrix IP Phone that offers a phone book with predefined features and storage capacity. Still, many enterprises face issues because the IP Phone usually has limited features that can’t satisfy the need of the enterprises.

Is there any solution?

Yes, of course. The solution is Elisiontec. We have experience in integrating a phone book in the Matrix IP Phone. We can make certain configurations in a way that you can enjoy features of the phone book in your Matrix phone. The phone book will be as powerful as the contact book of the IP PBX solution. This way you can enjoy abundant benefits such as,

  • Increase productivity of the staff
  • Remove tedious process of manually dialing the numbers
  • Flexible way to store contacts in the Matrix IP Phone
  • Use all features of the phonebook within the IP phone
  • No need to make any change in the working approach
  • No need to make major changes in existing infrastructure
  • Increase efficiency
  • And more

Our experienced VoIP experts have benefited many small to large scale business enterprises with our services of integrating a phonebook in the Matrix IP Phone. We can also help in increasing capacity and adding some features in the Phone book of the IP Phone.

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