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Missed Call Solution and Its Utilities: Complete Guide

VoIP solutions May 14, 2017

The Missed call solution is getting popular among the consumers and therefore among the businesses. There are many people who have started utilizing it in favor of their business augmentation.

However, there are many business owners who are still unaware of this amazing communication solution. This article will educate you with the detailed understanding of Missed call solution and its different utilities.

What Is Missed Call Solution?

The Missed call solution is a new way of communication. There are 2 different ways to utilize this solution:

  • The company or an organization allows its audience calling to a specific number. The call gets disconnected on its own and ends up as a missed call. The company gets the contact details of the caller and may call back for further communication.
  • The caller gives a missed call on a specified number. The companies use this specifically to receive the votes or survey results from its audience. This option also gives the contact details of the caller for further communication, if required.

This communication doesn’t charge anything on the caller side which increases the response rate remarkably. Thus, it turns into the favor of the companies and organizations which use it.

Below are Key utilities of the Missed call solution:

This solution can be used in a variety of ways in favor of a business. Here, we have listed the top 3 utilities of the miss call solution:

Customer support:

Often a time, the customers get frustrated because they are facing concerns and also have to pay the calling charges for the required support. Sometimes even these call charges are not an issue, but the long call hold time is.

Here, the missed call solution works really well. The customer only needs to give a missed call, which is a request for callback. The customer support executive may call back to the customer and resolve his/her concern.

Lead Generation

This solution can be used by the companies to generate leads. An interested customer has to give a single missed call to show his interest in the product or service. Here, the company has bagged the most important detail of the lead, called, Direct Contact Number. The rest can be taken care by the sales rockstars.

Here, the companies can also use the advanced missed call solution in which they can have different product or service code at the end of the number. This gives them an idea about the product or service, customer is interested in and then the sales rep with related skills can call back the prospect.


The missed call solution is used for polling at maximum. It can be used for:

  • Gathering opinions of the public
  • Collect votes for the contents on a reality show
  • Surveying group of people for a cause or event
  • Run a political campaign
  • And much more

As this solution is free to use by the end users, it increases the response rate which provides the massive results with genuine quality.

We, Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd, offer a reliable and secure Missed call solution. To know more about it or discuss your requirements, contact us now!

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