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Must Know Call Center Statistics 2022

What is transforming the industry? What is influencing the customer’s decision? How does technology shape call center solutions? And many more questions can be answered by major call center statistics. The statistics can help you know what is working and what is expected from a call center.

We have collected major and most important statistics of the call center industry to help you define the future of your call center.

  • By 2025, the cloud contact center solution industry will grow to 39.19 billion dollars.
  • 44% of call centers have shifted their call center software and infrastructure completely to the cloud.
  • 31% of call centers use hybrid infrastructure, which includes cloud and on-premise setup.
  • In 2022, around 20% of customer service requests will be handled by artificial intelligence based solutions.
  • 9 out of 10 customers mention that customer experience is the most important thing to give business to any company.
  • 78% of customers prefer to stay with businesses that provide proactive customer support.
  • 89% of call centers with top customer ratings receive more cash flow than the rest of the call centers.
  • 90% of customers require immediate response to their concerns and queries and for that call centers need modern call center solutions. The traditional call center software will not be enough to handle customer demands and needs.
  • 87% of call centers have added more digital communication channels and tools due to the pandemic.
  • 54% of companies have added live chat, social media, and WhatsApp as their major communication channels along with voice calling. (The usage of omnichannel call center solutions will be on the rise in 2022).
  • 74% of customers prefer to use a business that responds to their queries and questions on social media platforms within a few hours.
  • 3-5 modes of communication get used by customers to receive a quick resolution for their concerns.
  • 79% of customer care centers believe that without a complete view of customer history and interactions, it is difficult to provide satisfactory service to customers.
  • 75% of customers expect that agents know the customer and their buying history to provide better customer service. The call center CRM integration to show customer details and Customer profiling feature in a call center solution will be necessary to meet this demand of customers in 2022.
  • 71% of customer service centers registered changed priorities of metrics due to the COVID 19 pandemic.
  • In any call center, the abandoned call rate standard will be 5% to 8%.
  • 74% of call center agents prefer to work in a call center that provides well-documented and clear guidelines.
  • 70% of agents want to continue working remotely even if the pandemic ends. Along with a cloud contact center solution, call centers will need tools like a work from home add-on for their call center software to provide work from home ability.
  • 95% of call center supervisors think that AI will play a pivotal role in 2022 and upcoming years.





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