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Omnichannel Contact Center Best Practices to Deliver Better Customer Experience (CX)

Omnichannel contact center solutions have an immense potential to benefit customers with their powerful features. To take complete advantage of this software, businesses need to follow some best practices.

In this blog post, we will talk about major best practices that you must follow to deliver a better customer experience (CX) using an omnichannel contact center solution.

1. Map the customer journey

The first rule to follow for the omnichannel call center is to map the customer journey. Usually, more than 70% of customers follow the same journey. They either call directly on support number or request a callback or use instant messaging. For follow-ups, they use SMS or web tracking information. It means by looking at the common customer behavior, the call centers can create a customer journey. This information can help in creating a better customer care plan.

The omnichannel call center solution offers an array of reports that can be used to identify common customer behavior, so customer journeys can be mapped.

2. Use omnichannel communication sparingly

One of the major advantages of using an omnichannel contact center solution is that it lets call centers reduce the volume on a single communication channel. It is necessary for call centers to take advantage of this fact. The best practice here is, guide and encourage customers to use the right communication channel depending on the nature of their issue. Do not force customers to use one or two communication channels. Take advantage of the full potential of an omnichannel contact center solution by distributing customer volume on different unified communication channels.

3. Use customer profiling feature

It is a unique feature available in advanced omnichannel contact center software like DialShree. This feature provides a complete mapping of all interactions of a customer with a call center. It shows a brief of all conversations, mode of communication, conclusion, time and date, and all other details. An agent can view these details during a live call or after that. This feature is very useful to deliver an exceptional customer experience (CX) in an omnichannel contact center.

4. Give extra attention to social media

People use social media platforms quite commonly to share their anger. This is the reason an omnichannel contact center solution supports Facebook and Twitter as one of the unified communication channels. The omnichannel contact center needs to pay extra attention to deliver a better customer experience (CX). Instead of putting any agent to handle social media DMs and comments, put someone experienced handling these platforms that can be professional and polite.

5. Be consistent across all communication channels

The omnichannel contact center needs to be consistent across all communication channels to deliver an excellent customer experience (CX). Give a uniform experience to customers across all channels to build a positive and strong business brand. Well defined training, usage of templates, etc. can help in achieving this.

These are the top 5 best practices to follow in any omnichannel contact center to deliver a better customer experience (CX).

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