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Popular Integrations in Call Center Solution

CRM Solution April 1, 2019

The call center software comes with a wide array of features, but businesses and call centers often use multiple solutions for daily operations. The integrations of the other solutions in the call center software can bestow many benefits. In this article, we will talk about the top integrations possible with the call center solution.

Call center software is a complete solution provisioned with a wide range of features. The call center solution can be used to run any type of sales or customer care related campaigns.

In the industry, many companies and call centers use the best call center solution to take benefit of the inventions of the technology. Along with the call center software, the companies also use some other solutions to take care of the daily operations and communication.

The technology experts provide integration of the call center solution with these types of third party applications and solutions so the businesses can leverage the benefits of one comprehensive system and increase productivity. In this article, I will share about the top 5 integrations within the call center software used by the companies to benefit of their business.

Call Center CRM Integration

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution is often one of the most widely used solutions in the organizations. The CRM system is used to manage the records of the customers and prospects and automate certain operations. The call center CRM integration can be used to integrate both solutions in a way that they work as a single system.

Call Center Social Media Integration

Social media marketing is in demand these days and so many businesses run various social media marketing campaigns. The leads generated via this type of digital marketing campaigns can be automatically added in the call center software with the social media call center integration. The expert VoIP developers can integrate any social media site with the call center software.

Call Center WhatsApp Integration

WhatsApp is also one of the popular social media apps. The reason to keep it separate in this list is the utility of the integration. Once the WhatsApp Call Center Integration is done successfully, the agents can send a WhatsApp message to the customer or caller during or after the live call. This message can be sent automatically based on a trigger or an agent can manually send the same.

Call Center Other Communication Channel Integration

Generally, the call center solutions support voice calls, and that is something a majority of call centers and businesses need. However, there are some companies and call centers that need other modes of communication as well such as,

  • Video call
  • Instant messaging (chat)
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Fax

The call center software development experts can integrate these communication channels within the call center solution to make it a complete comprehensive contact center software which supports omnichannel communication.

Call Center Web Form Integration

The website forms such as, sign up newsletter or contact form can also be integrated within the call center solution. Once the integration is done, all the records fetched through the filled form will be added in the call center campaigns automatically so agents can run different campaigns to take the next steps. This integration can also fetch the partially filled form.

We, at Elision, have expertise in integrating all types of third party software and application within the call center solution. For more details, contact us.

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