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Remote Work Model with Call Center Solution Part 1

Remote work model has been a necessity all across the globe due to increasing cases of COVID19. There are no other options left than lockdowns and curfews. The Coronavirus spreads faster than any other flu and it can make people very sick. At the moment, nobody has a vaccine. Thus, the only cure is, one saves himself from getting infected. To make sure all countrymen follow the rule of staying home, the governments are enforcing lockdowns and curfew.

Many industries are collapsing because of it, but all cannot stay doing nothing. Some industries such as IT, call center, government, etc. need to keep working. Some of them such as government organizations, pharmacies, and hospitals have to stay in the field and some of them such as call centers, IT companies, etc. can adopt the “Work from Home” model.

To make this “Remote Work” aka “Work from Home” model successful companies need to use various tools and call center solutions can become one of the most important tools in this case. Many companies can use this tool to stay connected with customers, partners, team members, etc.

The call center software similar to DialShree offers an omnichannel communication system. DialShree is our proprietary call center solution that is in use in multiple organizations all across the world, including, government organizations. Being an omnichannel call center software, it supports all communication channels:

  • Voice calls
  • Screen share
  • Video
  • Conference calling
  • Chat
  • WhatsApp
  • SMS
  • Facebook
  • Fax
  • Twitter
  • And more

The companies which use this omnichannel call center solution can take advantage of unified communication. It is furnished with all features one would like to have in his ideal call center software.

The call center solution can be used for “Remote Work” with one of the following models:

Model 1: Open the call center solution for home access

Due to security reasons, the call center software can only be accessed within the company network. However, to tackle the situation of lockdowns due to COVID 19, the companies can open the ports so this system can be accessed from the home. Agents can log in to the call center solution via their web browser and use all the features of the call center software and work as they usually do.


  • Work from home with the same efficiency and productivity


  • Internet connection has to be stable and high bandwidth is needed
  • Opening the ports creates security risks

Model 2: Access call center software via VPN

The company can set up a complete virtual private network. Thus, the call center system can be accessed from home, but it has to be accessed via a VPN.


  • Keeps security intact
  • Work from home with the same efficiency and productivity


  • Company needs to provide the bandwidth to keep VPN up.
  • If an internet connection at an agent or a company side fluctuates, the call quality can be degraded or call can be hanged up.
  • If the internet stops working at any of the ends, the agent cannot login.

Both of these models have their own pros and cons and need internet access and a system at the agents’ end.

There is one more way to use the call center solution for Remote work. We will learn about that in the next blog.

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