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Remote Work Model with Call Center Solution Part 3

VoIP solutions April 2, 2020

Call centers can work remotely with the same productivity by using a call center solution like DialShree and the “Remote Agent” add-on. There are 3 different approaches of using the call center solution to implement a successful “Remote Agent” model.

We had shared two approaches in the previous blog posts and today we will talk about the third approach of using the “Remote Agent” add-on and call center solution like DialShree to implement successful and productive “Work from Home” model.

This is the pure version of remote work as your agents can attend calls without log into the call center software on their phones.

How it works?

  • The call center supervisor needs to register all the agent phone numbers in the call center software. The supervisor will do the needful to map all the mobile numbers to the agent license so calls can be routed to the registered mobile number of the agent.
  • A supervisor needs to enable these numbers so they can receive calls. The supervisor can also disable a number or more if he wants to stop routing the calls to the agent(s).
  • Once the basics are done all incoming calls or dialed calls by the call center dialer will be routed to the mobile phone of the agent.
  • An agent needs to first pick up the call which is generated by the system. He has to keep that phone active and then customer calls will be routed to the agents.
  • The agent can pick up the calls and attend them as he usually does.
  • The calls will be logged into the call center software.

Pros of this approach:

  • Agents can work proficiently with high productivity even if they do not have a laptop or computer.
  • Agents can work even if they do not have access to the internet
  • Agents do not need to have a softphone or Webphone to take calls.

Cons of this approach:

  • Agent cannot see the details of the customer as he can in a call center solution screen. With call center CRM integration complete information of the customer is made available to give a personalized response which is not possible with this approach.
  • Agent cannot access any feature available in the call center solution such as call transfer, call script, etc.
  • Agent cannot add a disposition after the call. In this case, there will be a default “Disposition” which will be logged into the system.
  • If the call of the system will be disconnected, the agent will not be able to receive calls until he is connected again with the system. In some countries, telecom companies disconnect the calls after the duration of an hour of one and a half hours. In this case, the agent has to reconnect again and again.
  • If the agent has any issue with his telephone network, then voice quality can be hampered.

We can help you in the selection of the best model of implementing the “Remote Agent” for BCP (Business Continuity Process) and implementation of the same. For more details, contact us.

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