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Role of Social Media in Call Centers for Improved Customer Satisfaction

With billions of users using one or more social media sites, social media has become one of the primary modes of communication for any business. Whether a business is interested in reaching a wider audience or interested in maintaining a positive brand reputation, effective use of social media is necessary.

Call centers majorly focus on customer satisfaction and sales. The best call center solution offers an array of features and supports different modes of communication to deliver better customer services. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are equally important here. This is the reason, the call center software providers like Elision Technologies offer integration of social media channels into the call center solution. For example, call center Twitter integration integrates Twitter into the call center software.

The availability of call center social media integration indicates that already call centers have started using social media platforms as one of the channels. Let us share the role of social media platforms in call centers to improve customer satisfaction.

Respond to angry customers

With the increasing use of social media platforms, people prefer to share negative experiences on social media sites. From sharing hate comments to cursing brands, angry customers can damage a business badly. With call center Twitter integration or integration of any other social media site with the call center solution can ensure that agents receive notification for the tweets, DMs, and comments. Therefore, they can respond to them without losing any time and handle angry customers better. Being proactive in handling unhappy customers can help in increasing customer satisfaction as they will feel valued by getting attended quickly.

Stay in touch with customers

Do not wait until your customers start writing about bad experiences. Instead of that, investing time and efforts to build a positive brand image can be beneficial. You can use the social media platforms integrated into the call center solution to send DMs or reply to comments. Along with unhappy and angry customers, happy customers also need to feel valued to be stick with your brand. Therefore, responding to each comment, DM, and tag can help you improve customer satisfaction even more.

Be quick with answers

Customers use social media platforms to raise questions related to the products they purchased or issue they are facing in using the support service. Responding promptly can help in assuring that you maintain a positive brand image on social media platforms. On the other hand, responding to prospects with quick answers can help in grabbing more sales and increasing customer satisfaction, too.

Concluding notes

7 out of 10 people use social media platforms. You cannot ignore the power of using it. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on improving customer satisfaction by using this one most popular mode of communication. To save time and other resources, integrating social media pages or profiles into the call center solution is necessary.

We offer call center social media integration. If you are looking for call center social media integration, contact us.

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