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MIBL supercharged their operational productivity and efficiency by 87.94%.

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Mahindra Insurance Brokers Limited (MIBL), established in 2004, a subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited, excels in providing hassle-free financial services in India. As a part of the renowned $20 billion Mahindra Group, MIBL's core focus is on delivering top-notch loan and financial services to its valued clients.

Our partnership with MIBL spans over 6 years, during which we have been instrumental in providing cutting-edge contact center solutions to enhance their business communication strategies. The collaboration with the MIBL team has been fruitful, showcasing their forward-thinking approach and passion for excellence. Being their trusted technology partner has been a rewarding experience, and we take pride in contributing to their success journey.


Challenges faced with legacy system

Challenges include time-consuming and unproductive conventional owner and manual dialing, limited flexibility and scalability due to non-cloud platforms, and legacy platform limitations primarily suitable for on-premise operations. These hurdles hinder productivity and restrict organizations from leveraging modern advancements.

  • Conventional owner and manual dialing: Time-consuming and unproductive.
  • Non-cloud platform: Limited flexibility, scalability, and remote access.
  • Legacy platform limitations: Only suitable for on-premise operations.
  • Scattered platform without integration: Siloed data and disjointed operations.
  • No Mobile App provision to conduct operations on the go.

Our Solution to Mahindra Insurance Brokers Limited (MIBL)

Our comprehensive omnichannel solutions helped them to overcome all the challenges & customer service grey areas which they were facing with the legacy platform.

DialShree: Unified Contact Center Solution

Elision’s bespoke contact center platform for MIBL was meticulously tailored to align with their specific business processes, ensuring a seamless operational flow. It catered to MIBL’s multichannel needs, enabling robust engagement across various platforms and enhancing customer experience. Elision equipped MIBL with cloud call center solution, infusing their communication infrastructure with flexibility and scalability.

Third Party Integration for smoother Collaboration

Elision deftly integrated third-party platforms into their customized solution for MIBL, facilitating seamless operations including multilevel IVR calling, SMS blasting, and voice broadcasting. This integration elevated MIBL's operational efficiency by enabling timely communication such as sending motor policy renewal reminders, addressing customer queries and due amount updates. As a result, effortless connections with customers were established, contributing significantly to MIBL's seamless collaboration without any data redundancies.

Workflow Automation to streamline Operations

Elision's solution for MIBL leveraged automation to transform their workflow, ensuring that policy reminders and follow-ups were executed with precision and punctuality. This automation was particularly beneficial for MIBL, given the nature of their work which demands consistent communication with clients regarding policy renewals and updates round the clock. The automated system integrated with their call center solution significantly reduced manual effort and minimized the risk of human error, leading to increased operational efficiency and 3x customer satisfaction levels. Customized real-time reporting simplified decision making.

DialShree Mobi for Remote Operations

In an increasingly remote work environment, DialShree Mobi App emerged as a transformative solution for remote agents. With its robust features and intuitive interface, the App empowered agents to efficiently work in any location.A team of dedicated agents put the virtual capabilities to the test, leveraging seamless call transfers, real-time analytics, and on-the-go client interactions to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity.Clients were overwhelmingly satisfied, as agents using DialShree Mobi delivered consistent and personalized service, regardless of their location.

Predictive Dialing made revolutionizing Outreach

Before Elision's intervention, MIBL struggled with manual dialing, wasting agents' valuable time. With DialShree's predictive dialing, they revolutionized MIBL's process, ensuring only real prospects reached the agents. This significant shift increased call connectivity 5x and boosted agent efficiency by a striking 87.94%. Elision's solution turned MIBL's communication challenges into a success story of amplified productivity and streamlined customer interaction.

Enhanced Reach with Timely Broadcasting

DialShree equipped client's team with SMS, and voice broadcasting — all integral to their customer engagement strategy. This cloud-based communication approach enabled MIBL to manage high call volumes efficiently, maintain robust customer relations, and ensure a continuous, seamless communication flow, without much human intervention.

Functional Environment of offered Solutions

We've provided MIBL with a tailored solution that not only enriches customer experiences but also empowers their team, eliminating delays. Happy to be a part of MIBL's ongoing success story.

On Cloud Setup

2 GSM Gateways

DialShree Mobi App

Third Party Integrations

"Elision offers technology which supports latest requirement of market, their team is super supportive & proactive..."
Mr. Nabarun Dutta
Call Center Lead – Operations (Mahindra Insurance)

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