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Fouani took its customer satisfaction score (CSAT) to 91.29%

Enhanced CSAT Score

Better After Sales Support

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Increased Team Operational Efficiency


Established in 2001, Fouani Nigeria Ltd is a leading pioneer and the sole distributor of LG, Hisense and Maxi products in Nigeria/Africa, thus they have won several awards for their proactive market penetration.

Foauni has been associated with us for 3+ years, We are glad to work on their requirements as they were looking to strengthen their position with proactive after-sales support & feedback mechanism. Team Elision delivered them a sophisticated platform to help them to drive their support service requests & after-sales complaints in an effective & super quick manner.


Challenges faced with legacy system

Fouani is a renowned name in the Nigeria/Africa region, hence their customer support team needs to be on point while entertaining their consumers especially when they come up with complaints & feedback, however, they were lacking before with no prominent platform to do so.

  • No prominent feedback mechanism: it was difficult to gauge the level of satisfaction of their customers. This was one of the prime high levels of dissatisfaction among customers, which could negatively impact the company’s reputation and sales as well.
  • No unified communication: Consumer durables is a competitive market and customers prefer more than a single channel to raise their query, especially when asking for support
  • Scattered interactions: It’s always important to stay on top of customers while interacting with them Foauni had no single platform to keep all of their communication in a single place
  • Without an effective after-sales support system, customers never get a resolution to their queries in the first place. This can impact the company’s bottom line and profitability.
  • Lack of insightful data & reports: They were struggling to make the right decision as they had no right track of data & reports in one place to make decision

Our Solution to Fouani

Our solution to Fouani is focused to cover all their communication needs in one place, so their customer-facing team can interact with consumers without any interruption & delay.

Omnichannel Communication Platform

We empowered Fouani with an integrated platform with the most convenient channels like SMS, and email. SMS and email notifications to keep customers informed about their orders, shipping updates, and other important information about the status of raised complaints. These notifications helped the customer-facing team in saving time and resources as well.

WhatsApp Integration

WhatsApp integration turned their customer support mechanism into a super quick & efficient one. Fouani's customer support team ensured all their customers should get notifications/responses on more preferable platforms, - Complaint Status - Order Updates - Offers/Coupon Codes - Information Access

Feedback Mechanism

Provisioned mechanism to capture feedback over IVRS, WhatsApp, & voice. Consumer durable giant could utilize all the feedback/reviews for constant service improvement & it also helped them to stay on top of their competitors.

Functional Environment of offered Solutions

We have deployed a completely business-fit solution to deliver their customers the best possible experience & their support team to handle requests/queries without any gap & delay.

One On-Premise Server

Blended Calling

2 VoIPs

40+ Agents

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