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Tips to Train Work from Home Agents

Virtual call centers are increasing because of a plethora of advantages available to them. Technology tools have been supporting the work from home models for call centers. Some innovative tools such as the Work from Home add-on are also introduced to empower call centers that offer a work from home option for their agents. A cloud call center solution has been in the market for some years to support secure access to the call center solution for remote call centers.

Along with the right technology tools, the remote call centers should also focus on designing the right agent training program. Let us share some of the tips to train your work from home agents.

1. Train agents to use work from home tools efficiently

Nowadays, easy-to-use technology tools are available in the market. A cloud call center solution will have easy to use user interface. The omnichannel communication tools will be integrated within the cloud call center solution, so agents will find them as one of the integrated features. Likewise, the work-from-home add-on is also very easy to use.

Still, giving a walkthrough of software and details of standards to use the cloud call center solution, work from home add-on, etc. can be beneficial to implement a standard working procedure for a remote call center.

2. Define regular training programs

In many call centers, training is considered a one-time process, but agent training has to be regular and recurring. Of course, it is not necessary to repeat the same thing again and again. However, covering different aspects of emotional engagement with customers to effective cold calling tricks, interpersonal skills, calling etiquettes, so on and so forth should be covered in training programs. Keep enhancing the knowledge of agents, so they can enhance their performance and improve productivity.

3. Give personalized training

Usually, the call centers focus on common training, which is good in some cases such as giving training on a call center solution. It has to be common as all agents need to learn the same thing. However, different agents can have different weak points in a remote call center environment. In this case, grouping agents according to the challenges they face and providing personalized training can help in improving the results of training. The cloud call center solution can provide the required details to group agents as per their performance.

4. Keep training material available for future use

Agents are likely to forget what they have learned in the call center training sessions. Therefore, it is recommended to let agents refer to training material in the future. The training sessions and material can be recorded and placed on the cloud and let work from home agents access it whenever they need it.

5. Engage agents

A majority of training programs for work-from-home agents don’t give expected results because call centers don’t engage agents during and after the training sessions. Ask questions, take feedback and comments, and in many other ways, try to engage agents in the training sessions, to increase returns and results.

These are the top tips to implement to give more effective training to work from home agents.

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