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Top 3 Benefits of Live Chat Solution for Business

Live chat is one of the most important tools for any business. In fact, it is in demand tool because of its amazing range of benefits. As you must know, live chat solution is a tool which let you chat with your website or landing page visitors. In this article, you will learn about the top 3 benefits of using a live chat solution for your business:

1. Increase Sales

The studies and survey data have been proving for many years that the live chat helps in increasing sales. As per the study results, the companies which have live chat support on their website can generate 3x to 5x times more leads. Also, the customer support with the live chat solution increases the customer engagement and reduces the bounce rate, which help in gaining SEO benefits gained with strategic digital marketing campaigns.

2. Increase Customer Satisfaction

As per the eDigital customer survey, 73% customers prefer and like chat support compared to any other channels of communication for the support. The customers like having a quick chat instead of engaging themselves in the call or email conversation.

The customers mention that the live chat button on the site give them confidence of getting quick support as and when needed without holding a phone while in the call queue or awaiting to get a response for the email. The live chat solution can help in increasing the customer satisfaction by giving them the quick answers and confidence that their problems will be resolved.

3. Reduce Expenses

The support can be given with via a phone, email or live chat. The email conversation requires the cloud space as well as it can be delayed often and difficult to track. The phone system is 41% more expensive than the live chat based support.

More than that, the live chat solution enables the agents to do multitasking. It means one agent can handle more than one customer, which reduces the expenses. These are the top 3 benefits of the live chat solution.

The white label live chat solution is even more beneficial than open source or free live chat software. It gives branding benefits to the companies. Also, it has more features than free live chat software. Thus, it is very important to have white label live chat solution.

We have white label live chat software which can be integrated within any webpage, landing page or any solution such as call center solution. Contact us to know more about our white label chat software.

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