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How Contact Center Solution Benefits Banks?

Contact center solution is making its way in different industry sectors and Banking is not an exception anymore. In fact, banks are leveraging many benefits from the contact center solutions because it helps in overcoming the challenges banks face and add additional features to empower the business of banks.

Advanced security mechanisms to protect sensitive customer data

The contact center solution comes with the advanced security mechanisms. For example, the contact center solution of Elisiontec comes with a security feature which encrypts the customer phone number and projects it as a random key to the agent. Thus, the agent who is calling to customer or receiving the call would never get to see the original number of the customer. This gives a high level security over data theft.

Also, as the contact center solution is handled by the in-house staff, there is no 3rd party vendor getting its access. The contact center solution comes with many as such security modules to solidify the security of bank database.

Multiple communication channels including SMS, Email, Fax for omnichannel customer support

The contact center solution comes with the advanced and multiple communication channels. It is not limited to just audio calling or video calling. The contact center solution now supports email, SMS, fax along with the audio and video calling.

This is a common need of banks to send an email or an SMS for verification or steps to be taken during or after the call and this can be achieved with the contact center solution.

Prompt reply to customers’ queries

There are two ways to provide customer support for banks.

  1. Outsource to a 3rd party vendor
  2. Setup an in-house customer support center

If a bank outsources the customer support to a 3rd party vendor, it may increase response time or many customer queries has to be in “callback with more details” status because the 3rd party vendors may not be aware of all answers.

However, the bank can setup an in-house customer care center where they can give instant answers to customers as the queries are handled by bank executives. Also, they have seniors to answer the difficult questions of customers in real time. This helps the bank in providing prompt answers.

Keep clear track and log of each activity

The contact center solution comes with a whole range of reports. Also, each activity is logged into the solution itself.  Thus, each call made or received is logged into the system with all relevant details such as name of the agents, call duration, etc.

Furthermore, this call can be recorded for review purpose. Thus, banks can have all data in report form to review the quality as well as to make an assessment.

Improved ROI

The contact center solution improves customer satisfaction and staff productivity at a greater level, which helps in increasing the repeat and referral business. Also, it reduces operational cost from 30 to 70% which saves funds. Collectively, all these factors increase the return over investment.

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