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Top 7 Voice and Video Solutions by Leading Pioneer VoIP Supplier

VoIP solutions March 4, 2019

We, Elision, are one of the pioneer service providers in the VoIP industry. Since 2007, we have been catering to many businesses with our next generation voice and video solutions. We always take pride in our innovative VoIP solutions, which have been in lifeline of many businesses. In this article, I would like to brief top 7 voice and video solutions of Elision:

Dialshree: Call Center Solution

It is a complete contact center solution which supports all different modes of communication. The Dialshree, call center software is furnished with all advanced features. Also, it is a completely scalable solution, i.e., it can get scaled up with more agent seats as well as any third party APIs can be integrated within this call center solution.

IP PBX Solution

IP PBX Solution is also known as VoIP business phone system. This is an advanced communication system which reduces telecommunication cost, yet offer improved communication and collaboration to the business.

Voice Broadcasting Solution

An amazing system to reach the masses in a minute! One can broadcast a voice message by running a voice broadcasting campaign. All the contacts will receive a call and listen to the voice message. It can also collect feedback and other types of input.

IVR System

It is an interactive voice response solution. It can be integrated with a traditional telephony system or any VoIP based solutions. Once the IVR system is integrated, it works as an auto attended and guide the caller to take certain action such as, reaching to the right department or fetching record or paying bills.

Click to Call Solution

It is a general purpose solution which can be used by any business. The click to call solution let you put a button on the website or a landing page. As soon as someone clicks on the button a call gets generated and connected with the customer care or support engineer. This takes advantage of browser telephony. We have WebRTC solution as well as traditional click to call software to offer.

Web Casting Solution

One can own the web casting system to conduct webinars, web meetings, video broadcast, etc.  Whether you want to create a marketing material or run a training session for remote staff or students, the web casting solution is a perfect system which comes with a wide array of advanced features.

Web Conferencing Solution

The businesses often need to conduct conference to save time, money and resources otherwise get invested in gathering everyone under one roof to have a conference. The web conferencing solution makes sure everyone can join the conference without moving an inch as well as without downloading or installing any software.

In this journey of more than a decade, we have benefited many customers with our advanced and business centric voice and video solutions. We have developed many other innovative and tailored solutions. These are our top 7 solutions which are in use by hundreds of businesses. To book a free demo and to get more information, contact us.

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