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Top Benefits of Video Conferencing Solution during the Pandemic

VoIP solutions June 1, 2020

It is pretty evident that Coronavirus is here to stay. Nobody knows how long will it take to get rid of this deadly virus, but one thing is pretty clear that we all need to learn to live with this virus. In many parts of the world, lockdown is lifted.

Each government has enforced different safety measurements such as work with half of the workforce and avoiding visitors as much as possible. Even if lockdowns are lifted, people prefer to stay in their houses to be safe. Here, video conferencing solutions have come up as saviors for many businesses.

A feature rich video conferencing solution such as MassMeet is not only empowering businesses to combat the COVID 19 pandemic, but it is also benefiting them in multiple ways. Let me share the top pros of using a video conferencing solution, which is a web-based solution.

1. Ongoing communication

One of the safety measures to stay safe from COVID 19 is keeping social distance. Another one is wearing masks to stay safe and keep others safe as well. Business communication by following these two safety measures is difficult. The companies cannot effectively communicate with team members or with customers, partners, vendors, etc.

A video conferencing solution can be very effective in dealing with the situation. Everyone can open a web app of video conferencing solutions such as MassMeet and attend a video conference. Social distance is maintained pretty well and nobody needs to wear a mask as they can attend a video conference from their houses. This helps in keeping communication ongoing and of course effective.

2. Business does not stop

Communication is an inseparable part of any business. COVID 19 has changed the business communication used to take place. More and more businesses have started adopting web conferencing solutions that offer a wide array of features to run a video conference.

The video conferencing solution makes sure that businesses can keep the communication going on, take the required decisions, entice more customers, and convert more leads.

3. Cost-effective solution

A video conferencing solution is available at very affordable rates these days. You can use monthly video conferencing services or you can also get a white label video conferencing solution such as MassMeet at very budget friendly rates.

Moreover, the advanced video conferencing solutions are easy to use and manage, thus, you do not need to pay for ongoing technical support until and unless there are multiple users and you deal with certain technical issues. Moreover, maintenance cost is minimal to null for this kind of video conferencing solution.


Video conferencing solutions have introduced a more engaging and safer way of communication to the businesses. Professionals can keep running their business and take advantage of ongoing communications using these software solutions and that also in their budget. The pandemic combating is made easy by such powerful communication solutions.

We, at Elision, offer the most advanced yet affordable video conferencing solution, called, MassMeet. To know more and book a demo, contact us.

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