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Top Reasons to Integrate VICIDial into Salesforce in Business

Customer Care July 20, 2020

Call center solution is an amazing tool to provide excellent customer support and also to run lead generation and sales campaigns more effectively with fewer resources as well as at affordable rates. While CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution is used to have complete documentation of customer information, his interaction with the company, his billing habits, and much more important information that helps to know a customer better. To run sales and customer care operations smoothly, you should use both of these software solutions in your business.

There are various call center solutions and CRM software available in the market. We will talk about the two most used solutions:

  1. VICIDial: Call Center Solution and
  2. Salesforce: CRM Software

Traditionally, they are two different solutions and you need to use each of them independently. Both systems may have the same data of the same customer. However, you need to make double entries and there are many other complexities that you need to face. Thus, it is necessary to perform call center CRM integration of VICIDial and Salesforce solutions, called VICIDial Salesforce integration.

Let me share the top reasons to invest in VICIDial Salesforce integration:

1. To have an entire system with both, call center solution and CRM software

As you know, call center software: VICIDial and CRM system: Salesforce, both are two different solutions. Thus, when your employees need to use these features, they need to work on two different systems. Sometimes, they need to use both of them in parallel as a customer is on the call and the company representative needs to give him the required information. This can create too much extra work, which also results in a response delay.

On the other hand, when you get VICIDial Salesforce integration, you can make sure to have a system that has features of both of these systems with the single sign-on. Now, your team members can use both systems and they do not need to go back and forth from one system to another.

2. To save the time of resources and increase productivity

Your executives are your resources and if they need to switch between two different systems, they are more likely to waste time unnecessarily. Moreover, they need to maintain the same data of customers in two different systems. This is a waste of time for users. Here comes, VICIDial Salesforce integration at your rescue.

This system makes sure that you can push data from one system to another and there is no need to do the rework. Also, changes in one system for a customer record automatically get updated in another, which saves time of your resources and increase productivity.

There are many benefits to using this integrated solution. Make sure to use an integration service from an expert. We offer call center CRM integration services for different call center solutions and CRM software. We offer the VICIDial Salesforce integration service that offers added features as well. To know more about this service, contact us.

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