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VICIDial CTI Integration with Salesforce

Improve your team productivity up to 150% and client satisfaction up to 86% with Salesforce CRM and VICIDial call center solution integration.

We have a team of experienced CTI integrators that have mastered the art of call center CRM CTI integration. Our team provides proficient service of VICIDial Salesforce integration to integrate this leading cloud based CRM system with a popular open source call center software. This integration provides advanced features to improve team productivity and optimize the workforce and process.


Quick visual snap which shows major features availed by VICIDial CTI integration with Salesforce CRM.

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The walkthrough video will take you through the know-how of major features made available with VICIDial Salesforce integration. You can explore how the major functionalities help agents work more flawlessly without juggling among screens of a CRM and call center solution.


Major Features of VICIDial Salesforce CTI Integration

Integration of VICIDial CTI with the Salesforce CRM system helps in enhancing the complete workforce and operational model with crucial features.

Access Essential Features within a Single System

Agents do not need to keep juggling between VICIDial and Salesforce. They can automatically access essential features of both of these systems within a single platform with a single sign-on facility.

Get Powerful CTI Features in Salesforce

VICIDial Salesforce integration performed by experts of Elision ensures that your agents can access and use the top CTI features like multi way call transfer facility, auto & manual dialing, call blind & attended call transfer, call mute & un-mute and more such cutting edge features within Salesforce.

Access CRM Features within VICIDial

All necessary information about the customer during a live call will be displayed in a CRM popup within the VICIDial call center software. This information will be fetched from the Salesforce CRM system to save time and increase the efficiency of agents.

Click to Talk within the Salesforce

Along with access to major features of both systems with a single sign-on, this integration will further add value added features such as click to talk, which is also known as click2call. It will use a CTI connector to initiate and carry out a call within the Salesforce CRM system.

Data Sync from VICIDial to Salesforce & Vice Versa

VICIDial Salesforce integration will optimize the processes to keep identical data in both Salesforce and VICIDial solutions. It will help in synchronizing data to keep accurate records, so at any point, agents get access to the most reliable and accurate data without the need to make manual entries in any of the systems.



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