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Top Reasons to Use DialShree Call Center Solution in India

VoIP solutions August 6, 2020

DialShree call center solution is popular all across the globe. Hundreds of call centers and small to large scaled businesses are using it to run their inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns. As DialShree has become a global name, many Indian call centers and companies often ask us, is it still an ideal call center solution for Indian businesses?

Answer is yes. It is one of the top call center solutions India and there are many big brands that use it to run their call center campaigns.

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In this article, you will learn about the top 6 facts, which make DialShree an ideal call center solution India.

1. Follows TRAI Rules

We, Elision, have been offering call center software and other related services to different call centers and organizations for more than 12 years in India. Some big names are also using this software. We understand TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority India) rules and we have built this software based on that. Moreover, it also supports PRI lines, which need to be used in the Indian call center. We can set up this software by adhering to all TRAI rules.

2. On-site services available

We, Elision, have a team of expert VoIP developers and support engineers. We have been offering on-site installation and setup as well as support services to our clients. This can let customers enjoy on-site services as and when needed.

3. Solution and services both available

DialShree is an omnichannel call center solution, which is ready to use. One can buy its license as well as one can opt for monthly subscription-based services. We have launched call center services.

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It means based on the required features and budget have, call centers and businesses can choose to buy this software or they can use monthly services. This further makes it the right choice for Indian businesses.

4. Competitive features

DialShree is renowned for its futuristic and competitive features. It was one of those call center software solutions that started offering unified communication channels early. Currently, it supports all communication channels. Thus, it is an omnichannel call center solution. It has many competitive features and we keep on adding more to make sure our customers always stay ahead of the competition.

5. Stay ahead of the curve

In a business, it is necessary to stay ahead of the competition. We understand this and thus, we invest in developing new features and functionalities for this best call center solution India. Currently, our team is working on chatbot development based on artificial intelligence and there are many amazing features coming for DialShree users.

6. Turnkey solution

We are one of those rare providers that offer both, call center software and hardware. This will help you stay stress-free on getting hardware from different vendors and managing both.

In conclusion, from all aspects, DialShree is an ideal call center solution for any Indian business. Contact us for a demo and more details.

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