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Role of Truecaller for Business in the Banking Industry

Truecaller has been a popular caller ID app in India and multiple other countries. It has been helping call recipients by showing who is calling to decide whether attending a call is worth their time or not. Now, Truecaller also helps callers with its Truecaller for Business plan.

Truecaller for business verifies the business number of a company or an organization to give a trustworthy caller ID with multiple features, which cannot be tempered by a third person, which is possible in not having a verified number.

Multiple industry verticals are gaining the advantage of this service made available by authorized partners of Truecaller business like Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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Along with multiple other industry verticals, the banking and finance industry can also gain a lot of advantages by using this number verification service with Truecaller. Let’s explore how.

1. Always reach a client or intimate about your call

In the banking industry, it is necessary to reach out to clients for various customer care and sales related campaigns. If a bank has verified the number with Truecaller, the customers will see the correct bank name, bank logo, verification badge and tick mark, and green highlight. This will spread a positive brand message, which often helps banks to increase the reach rate up to 75%. As the banks can reach out to clients at the right time, they can convey the required message and boost customer satisfaction.

2. Highlight emergency services

In banks, there are often some vital jobs that need instant customer attention such as KYC verification or missing document for that, cancelled check, unauthorized transaction alert, etc. With Truecaller for Business, banks can use the priority calling feature to highlight emergency calls to increase call reach and pick-up rate.

3. Increase pickup rate

Banks can also use the feature “Reason for calling” to increase the call pickup rate. When customers know the reason for the call along with seeing a trustworthy caller ID, the chances of call pickup rate are high. In case, a delivery boy is at the doorstep of the client to deliver a credit card or checkbook, using this feature can help in assuring a successful delivery for banks.

4. Analyze reports

Truecaller for Business not only provides caller ID related features, but also provides extensive reports to banks that use its number verification services. These reports can be used to analyze different parameters for future calling campaigns. The banks can also gauge the success of banking product sales campaigns.


The benefits of Truecaller for Business are several for banks when all features are used correctly. Banks can increase the reach rate, call pickup rate, and even the success of different campaigns.

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