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Use of Web Conferencing Solution in Customer Journey

Web Conferencing October 17, 2019

There are many VoIP solutions that can be used for communication by different organizations to convert a prospect into a paying customer. Some companies also use different VoIP solutions to nurture the leads to take care of customers’ concerns.

The web conferencing solution is one of the most useful solutions that can be used during different stages of the customer journey. In this article, I will share more details about the use of this powerful conferencing software to increase the chances of lead conversion and customer retention.

Conduct a video conference in the first meeting

Generally, people use email or telephonic conversation to discuss the first phase requirements. It is a standard method to have the first level of communication, but the best one would be to have a face to face discussion. The face to face meeting helps in judging the interest and confusion of the customer by his body language and taking the situation in control.

Of course, it is not feasible to reach out to all customers on their doorsteps. Here comes the video conferencing into the picture. The web conferencing solutions usually have video conferencing features. Use a video conferencing feature to have the first meeting and impress the next person with your professionalism.

Time to give a demo or show detailed proposals with interactive features

The web conferencing solution offers whiteboard features as well as screen share or presentation share. You can give the product demo if you are selling a product or show the proposal with some solid material to impress the customer. The whiteboard feature of the web conferencing software can help you make the whole session more interesting.

You can also run anonymous polling to get feedback from the customers to drive your meeting in the right direction. The interactive features of the web conferencing solution will help you impress the customer and hold their attention and your skills will convince them to take the final step.

Have the final conversation and close the deal in your favor

The final call of negotiation is very critical and often includes multiple people from the top management of both companies. The best option is to go to the customer’s place and have a face to face meeting if the deal is worth it.

However, if you cannot do that for any reason, you must use the video conferencing feature of the web conferencing system. This will help you keep a hold on the discussion and drive it in your favor.

Impress once again

Once you close the deal, you will have a formal introduction of the team members that will assist the customer. You may also have a ready product and can give its demo to the customer using a web conferencing solution. This opportunity can be used to start building a strong relationship with the customer.

This is how you can use web conferencing solution during different stages of the customer journey. To know more about this solution, contact us.

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