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VICIDial Add-ons Make It a Futuristic Solution

Open Source July 18, 2019

VICIDial is a leading call center solution. It is available as an open source system. This system has been helping startup call centers to overcome initial challenges by providing a complete call center solution needed to run basic call center campaigns for free. The VICIDial system has all features to take care of the campaigns in startup days of any call center. However, it cannot stand against the advanced call center software available in the market. It doesn’t have all features to get a competitive edge and this can work against the business in some cases. If a call center doesn’t have all the required features, it may not be able to meet the needs of all its customers. It may start losing existing customers and might not lock new accounts. The declining business can be a big challenge for many call centers.

VICIDial customization is the solution. By investing in the new feature development for this open source call center solution, one can get the required features and benefits. However, this is expensive as one needs to find an expert and need to invest in from scratch development. The better solution is to use ready to use add-ons.

There are some VICIDial experts and VICIDial solution provider companies that have developed a wide array of ready to use add-ons. These add-ons are available for use and anyone can buy it. As soon as you buy the same, you can install it and start using it.

The call center can find simple to advanced VICIDial add-ons and VICIDial customization services at affordable rates. This helps small business owners and startups to take care of their businesses without the huge investment needed in the development of the features.

Top 3 most advanced and useful VICIDial add-ons are briefed below:

Sticky Agent

It is not a futuristic feature, but it is definitely an advanced call routing feature. In the current era where the customer relationship is at the highest priority, this call routing rule becomes a necessity. It makes sure every time a customer calls to the call center, his call is routed to the same agent. This increases customer satisfaction.

Plug and Play APIs

The call centers usually make use of multiple solutions. Generally, they need to switch between different systems to carry out their tasks. There are some VICIDial experts that offer API integration module. One can add, test and run any number of APIs using a GUI based system. Now, to add an API, one doesn’t need to use the service of VICIDial developers. The API can be added from the GUI based add-on.

Soundboard Avatar

Some clients are very stubborn about the fact that they don’t talk with nonnative speakers. The call centers usually provide their services in all different regions and it becomes impossible for them to hire local agents. The solution is Soundboard. The VICIDial: Call Center Solution will have some prerecorded voice messages in the native languages of the countries the call center caters to. These voice prompts can be used to take care of the initial part of the call where the most important thing is to engage a customer or prospect.

These 3 add-ons of VICIDial help call centers to take benefit of a futuristic call center software. We offer this and many more VICIDial add-ons. For more details, contact us.

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