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VICIDial vs Custom Contact Center Solution

Call Center Software is one of the most important tools for any small to big call center or contact center. There are many call center software available in the market, including open source and custom solutions and this makes confusion in many call center owners.

Whether to use GoAutoDial or VICIDial open source solution or custom call center software? If you, too, are facing this question, fret not! This article will guide you to have a clear answer for your question of which is the best call center solution for you.

To define the best contact center solution for you, we will consider three important factors which are listed below:


When you start thinking about purchasing contact center software, the first thing comes in mind is budget aka cost. If you have a very tight budget, the best contact center solution for you is VICIDial Solution. It is an open source software and available for free. The only cost aka fee you need to pay is installation and setup fee for the VICIDial expert who perform this task for you.

The custom contact center solution would have its own cost because of better cost and features as well as security measures. There are some service providers that offer call center seats and pay as you go model, but if you want to buy a complete white-label call center solution, it will cost a considerable amount of money. However, there are some call center solutions available at cost effective rates.

Reliability and Support

Both, VICIDial and custom contact center solution has its own pros and cons about these factors and choice depends on the wait time. As we know VICIDial is an open source, which has a large community to help you to resolve any query or to get VICIDial customization services.

However, the response can be slow and delayed because community members can be busy and may not respond immediately. This can be serious and troublesome if you are facing a big issue.

The custom contact center software is better in terms of reliability and support because you have bought it from a vendor. The vendor will provide required support promptly, which will save a lot of time and resolve issue(s) quickly.


VICIDial is one of the most widely used open source contact center solution, which is easy to scale up. Also, you can add additional functionalities in existing VICIDial software by using the service from a VICIDial expert.

However, at certain point VICIDial can have its own limitations in terms of scalability because it is an open source call center solution. On the contrary, if you buy a contact center solution from a vendor, the scalability will be easier. The custom call center software provider will work as your partner and guide you with his/her own experience.

End Note:

VICIDial is open source call center software, which is great to start with for a startup call center or customer care center. However, to meet the custom requirement and to have a robust environment, you must get a custom contact center solution.

If you have any doubts or if you need further explanation, please get in touch! Our executives will be more than happy to answer your all questions.

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