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VICIDial vTiger Integration Benefits for Call Centers and Enterprises

Both, VICIDial and vTiger are well known open source solutions. It is largely in use by small to big scale enterprises. VICIDial is a very popular contact center solution that can provide a robust platform to run a small to large scaled customer care center.

On the other hand, vTiger is a powerful customer relationship management solution that can make lead management simpler and accurate. The VICIDial vTiger integration bestows a prevailing tool to a call center, customer care center and a sales department of any enterprise. Let’s unveil the top 3 benefits of vTiger and VICIDial integration:

Fetch and manage all customer data stored in vTiger within VICIdial to SAVE TIME

With our years of hard work we have developed the skills to not only successfully integrate vTiger solution with VICIdial call center software, but we have also made a solution that will allow your agents to fetch a complete record of a customer within the VICIDial window from vTiger record.

Not only this, an agent can edit the information of the customer from VICIDial that will be reflected in the vTIger CRM solution as well. It means all benefits of vTiger CRM can be leveraged within the VICIDial call center software. There will be huge time saving for an agent from switching from one screen to another.

Increase number of calls with click2call and call widget within CRM

Our VoIP developers have developed a call widget and a module that can be used within vTiger to make calls from this open source CRM and use the complete calling widget of VICIDial.

Moreover, the vTiger will get the click-to-call functionality, so agent just needs to click on the number and call will be positioned using the VICIDial widget. The agent will see a call widget in his screen to take relevant actions such as putting a call on hold, transferring it to another agent, adding disposition, so on and so forth.

This increases the number of calls made within an hour compared to manual dialing.

Increased agent productivity

The agent is the warrior of any call center or lead generation center and his/her productivity define the success or failure of the organization.

The VICIDial vTiger integration service will provide a single sign on functionality to your agents that will save a lot of time of an agent from switching through different systems. Also, the agent can provide quick and better services to a customer with a personalized experience.

This will make call wrap up faster with the best customer satisfaction ratio. The flexibility of both solutions within a single system will increase agent productivity up to 600%.

Our VoIP engineers provide CRM call center integration for any open source or custom solutions. Also, we have advanced module for both, VICIDial and vTiger. Let’s discuss more details with a quick chat. Contact us today!

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