VICIDial Zoho Integration

VICIDial is one of the most widely used open source call center software. It is part many small to big call centers, contact centers and customer support centers. These organizations use VICIDial for inbound and outbound calling.

Furthermore, these organizations use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution to maintain the data of leads aka customers and prospects. Zoho is one of the most widely adopted CRM systems in the industry.

Both, VICIDial Zoho are in itself a vast system with a wider range of features. Generally, agents need to switch back and forth for operational purposes between these two solutions.

We, Elisiontec, offer VICIDial and Zoho integration service. It means you can integrate Zoho CRM system and VICIDial Call center solution with each other in a way that it can work in a harmony.

Fill Disposition from Zoho CRM system and get it updated in VICIDial Call Center Solution
  • An agent can fill in the disposition once the call is wrapped up from Zoho itself. This disposition will be pushed into the records of VICIDial and update the relevant record in both systems.
Click To Call Functionality in Zoho
  • As part of our integration service, we enable click2call functionality in Zoho CRM. The agents may now click on the lead and the call will be generated using the integrated VICIDial call center from Zoho itself.

Get Customer Data from Zoho Records within VICIDial Solution
  • When you are using the integration between VICIDIal and Zoho, and you are making an outbound call or attending an inbound call through VICIDial, you will get a popup window within the VICIDial call center solution. This popup window will allow an agent to see all relevant details and records of the connected lead which is fetched from the record stored in the Zoho CRM system.

Update Only New Data (Fields) for Optimal Usage of Server Resources
  • While pushing data from VICIDial to Zoho, the system will update only newly updated data in respective fields instead of updating the whole record and all fields in the Zoho. This is to reduce unnecessary system calls and server usage. This increases the resource utilization of the server.
Automated Check for Duplicate Records
  • The integrated Zoho and VICIDial solution will perform an automated check at time of new record insertion which will be done at campaign level to ensure each added record is unique. Also, it makes sure that it doesn’t restrict a same lead to be added in different campaigns.
Update Zoho Records from VICIDial Solution during Call
  • An agent can update the records of Zoho CRM without leaving the VICIDial window. Simply update the records in the popup window in VICIDial for the lead, on pushing back the updates; the record will be updated in the Zoho automatically.

Detailed Logs for Each Activity
  • For each operation, you will get the detailed logs which include the details of the operation as well as the responsible person for the changes made. This gives the highest level of tractability and security.
  • The integration service will give flexibility of using both systems with all features within a single screen. This will increase the productivity and ROI of your call center or contact center!

Add New Record in Zoho from VICIDial Solution
  • If the received call is a new lead, a blank popup window will be opened in the VICIDial screen. Add the collected data and push it to the Zoho to create a new record without leaving the VICIDial window.
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