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Video Telephony: Revolutionizing the Conventional Communication Media

Video Telephony December 29, 2014

The disparate worlds of voice and video have been unified through full-duplex Video telephony. You can now gaze at the caller and interact with him visually as well over IP telephony network.

Some of the advanced features you can enjoy with the new-age Voice telephony system by Elision are:

  • Support for features to boost video receptivity like FECC (Far end camera control)
  • Support for more than one logical channel for seamless video stream transmission
  • Transmission of command/ indications for high fidelity video message
  • Support for various client control protocols and H.323
  • Better management of bandwidth
  • Comprehensive information pertaining to call detail records

Video telephony provides enterprises with better communication options that go hand in hand with their mobile strategies. One of the initial challenges staring into the eyes of the developers was to ensure high fidelity, full motion and high resolution video data transmission over limited bandwidth.

This challenge has been surmounted with the tweaking of image resolution acceptably and transmission of stationary images at few seconds intervals. The cost of hardware like display screen and camera has plunged favorably.


Video telephony has ushered in a number of compelling advantages for the end users.

  • A new technological leap allows users to make video calls between IP phones and 3G mobiles as smoothly as connecting audibly between fixed line phones and mobiles.
  • The service has endeared itself to financial sector wherein investment firms are employing it for communicating vital messages among themselves as well as provide personalized financial advice to large investors.
  • Business velocity and group productivity for teams dispersed over geographically discrete locations takes a boost with video telephony serving to bridge offshore and multi-cultural aspects of modern day business.
  • Video telephony facilitates hospitality services to offer customers with more affable, intimate and face to face interaction based service to cement their loyalty and heighten the quality and richness of personal experience. This would help secure more business and references.
  • Call centers can significantly bring down operating costs and venture into new areas of customer service by migrating to IP based video telephony. Companies can provide a video link on their sites, clicking upon which the service representative‚Äôs voice and image would appear on screen.
  • The interviewing cost incurred and time expended by the HR department while hunting the right talent can be curbed significantly by opting for video telephony based modules. Further, candidates from geographically dispersed locations can be screened with ease.
  • Video ringback feature can be integrated with the company website wherein the organization can customize the video and audio feed that would be viewed by the potential customer when placing a call.

Video telephony is set to revolutionize the way people and organizations interacted. Newer video based applications that would defy our present range of imagination are being developed to overwhelm our personal and professional pursuits technologically.

Elision Video Phone setup is simple to install and delivers high-quality video and audio over broadband internet connection (DSL or cable). The service aims at enhancing communication experience while saving significantly on phone bills. Both home and commercial users can benefit from Elision Video Telephony.

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