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Voice Broadcasting Empowered Insurance Companies

VoIP solutions July 17, 2018

Insurance agencies need to be in touch with their customers. Each insurance company has agents to take care of required ongoing communication. However, in today’s fast pace world, the clients avoid meeting agents.

This type of client behavior creates a huge roadblock in the process of lead generation and nurturing. However, the insurance companies need to accept the customer preferences. The solution that can help insurance agencies in the process of taking care of their business without disturbing their clients is the Voice Broadcasting Solution.

The voice broadcasting solution can be used to send a voice message to the clients. It is an incoming call with a short voice message that a customer can use and act accordingly without getting involved in a formal discussion with an agent.

The voice aka call broadcasting solution has benefited many insurance companies. It has empowered various operations of the insurance agency.

Explore the top 4 utilities of the voice broadcasting solution for an insurance agency:

1. Keeping clients informed

The clients prefer to be well informed about changing terms and conditions related to their policies. Also, the government laws enforce the insurance companies to keep their clients informed.

The agents may send documents to the clients and run a voice broadcasting campaign in parallel to pass the message that the document sent via email / courier are important and need their attention. This is just an example.

The insurance companies can use the voice broadcasting solution to send different types of notifications, alerts, etc.

2. Taking care of billing

The voice broadcasting solution can be used to run personalized voice campaigns to take care of billing related operations.

For example, running a campaign to send a reminder for an upcoming policy premium date would be effective. Some voice broadcasting solutions also support operations related to premium payment in one way or another.

3. Generating new leads

The voice broadcasting solution works amazingly to run marketing campaigns. You can run personalized campaigns for existing customers for new policies that can fit in their interest.

Also, you can run the call broadcasting campaigns for fresh leads that you have collected from an online form or any other medium.

4. Improve client relationship

The voice broadcasting solution is an amazing tool to nurture your leads and make your rapport stronger with your customers. The insurance agencies can run campaigns to greet customers on various occasions such as, on their birthdays, on festivals, etc.

Furthermore, the insurance agencies can run voice based surveys using the voice broadcasting solution to collect feedback to improve their services.


The voice broadcasting solution is a powerful tool for any small to big insurance agency. It will help an insurance company to streamline its operations, generate new leads, save time of their agents, increase productivity and delighting their customers. Each agency must use a voice broadcasting solution to send a pertinent message to their customers and leads.

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