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VoIP SoftSWITCH Solution Flourishes VoIP Calling Business

VoIP solutions April 17, 2018

The VoIP industry is taking over milestones of ultimate success and all thanks to enterprise grade features and a plethora of benefits one may get by using the VoIP Phone system.

The VoIP calling business can be run with software or hardware based routing and call control solutions by the ITSPs and VoIP service providers. The VoIP Softswitch is a software solution that can be used by the VoIP phone service providers.

The VoIP Softswitch solution has empowered many ITSPs and VoIP service providers with its abundant benefits. Let’s unveil how VoIP softswitch solution flourishes the VoIP calling business.

1. Build a scalable and secure solution

The VoIP Softswitch can be developed on top of robust VoIP technologies such as Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, etc. The softswitch developed on top of this robust technology is a software based solution, which won’t require heavy hardware, wiring and other physical setup.This will make it flexible to use. Also, it is highly scalable in nature. When the provider wants to increase business, he can buy more channels and trunks.

Also, he can upgrade the system version and software capacity to handle more call traffic. It is pretty easy and fast compared to a hardware based telecommunication system. Furthermore, the VoIP developers will add the highest level of security to assure your telecommunication solution is hack proof.

2. Reduced expenses

As mentioned in the earlier point, the VoIP Softswitch is a software based solution. Thus, it is easy to install and use. This will reduce your installation and operational cost.

Furthermore, the maintenance cost of this software based VoIP Softswitch solution will be 5x times less than the maintenance cost of the hardware based telecommunication solution. As you can clearly judge, this will reduce cost significantly in all different stages.

3. Improve Quality of Service

Efficiency and accuracy are must in any business and in the calling solution, it is even more crucial. The VoIP based Softswitch is less prone to noise and other factors that degrade the quality. It doesn’t need a huge hardware based amplifiers which are must in the hardware based solution. The VoIP Softswitch will improve call quality and service quality at the same time.

These are the top 3 benefits of VoIP based softswitch solution which can be used to run a business like VoIP Phone service, Calling cards, Call back services, etc. The VoIP calls are cheaper than traditional calls, so you can take benefit of this characteristic to gain business. The VoIP Softswitch will reduce expenses, delight customers and increase business which will flourish day and night.

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