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vTiger Customization: Three Advanced Functionalities You Must Have

Solutions May 29, 2018

vTiger is one of the most popular CRM solution. Two major characteristics of the vTiger CRM Solution are

  1. It is an open source
  2. It is highly customizable

Thus, you can get an advanced CRM system at affordable rates. The vTiger customization performed by experts assures that you customize this open source solution at its best to meet your custom needs.

You can get any feature you want with the custom development service and enhance the functionality of this CRM system by using expert vTiger customization services.

We, at Elisiontec, have a team of expert vTiger developers that has benefited many clients with their experience and expertise. The vTiger customization can get many interesting functionalities to empower your sales and business development department.

Today, we will talk about 3 advanced and crucial vTiger features that you must get in your Customer Relationship Management System.

1. Lead Date Encryption

Our developers have developed an advanced security module that will project an encrypted version of leads in front of your agents. This will assure that nobody except the authorized people can see real contact information and other data of a lead.

This will not only help you in complying the privacy rules, but it will also assure that nobody misuse critical user data intentionally or unintentionally. This is an advanced security module, which all call centers, businesses and organizations must have.

2. Click2Call

This vTiger module will add a click to call functionality within your CRM system. It means your agents or sales representatives will not waste time in manually dialing each number all the time.

They can simply click on the lead and the call will be connected. You may find the time spent on manually dialing a lead is negligible, but when we consider ongoing calling operations for lead generation, follow-ups and lead nurturing, collectively, the time saved is huge.

3. Third Party Solution Integration

Your team will definitely need additional applications and solutions to run sales and business development operations effectively and efficiently. The vTiger solution itself doesn’t come with many other 3rd party applications integrated within it, but we can help you with our vTiger customization services.

We can integrate different applications / solutions within your CRM system with our custom integration services such as, Social media integration, vTiger VICIDial integration, etc. We can integrate any solution and application within your vTiger CRM system in a way that it can be used as an integral part of the CRM system itself.

With our expert vTiger customization services, we can improve the functionality of your open source CRM software that will further increase productivity of your staff and you will enjoy a wide range of business benefits.

Let’s get in touch and we will share what amazing things we can do for your business with our vTiger customization services.

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