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We Delivered Smart Solutions to Gurugram Smart City

We are glad to share that we have delivered smart solutions and supportive services to one of the Indian smart cities, namely, Gurugram.

Gurgaon, now known as Gurugram, is one of the well known smart cities in India. GMDA (Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority) planned a strategic transformation of this Indian city to become a smart city. To transform it into a smart city, multiple infrastructural and procedure related changes are carried out.

Gurugram launched a centralized and seamless process for concern escalation and quick resolution. To implement this model, to make this smart city smarter, Gurugram selected the smart solutions offered by us, Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

From playing a voice message to spread awareness about the COVID 19 to let citizens call to get support for the COVID 19, ask questions related to the issues they face, escalate various concerns, and ask for help, everything is now quick, easy, and streamlined.

Gurugram, smart city in India uses our following solution to streamline processes and give an assured solution within minimum time and send quick help to anyone who calls on the given helpline numbers.

Call Center Solution

Based on the needs of the Gurugram to provide help desk and support services, we have installed a feature rich and advanced call center solution. Our team lead and VoIP engineers personally visited the city and performed the process of complete installation and training of the call center solution.

This call center solution is in use by Gurugram to attend concern calls as well as to run an outbound campaign for the surveys, generate awareness, etc. more productively.

IT Help Desk Ticketing Solution

Along with a call center software solution, we have also provisioned a personalized IT help desk ticketing solution. This solution lets the operator, who attends the call for any kind of support, raises a support ticket. The citizen who raised the request or concern receives the ticket number for future tracking and follow-ups, if needed.

Citizens can also raise a ticket by using a mobile app or a website available to escalate an issue or concern as well as to ask for any kind of support. There are multiple integrations between different IT solutions and software, which are made by our team to create a unified solution that commands the whole process of support.

Moreover, our VoIP experts have also introduced automation in multiple operations such as the automated assignment of the ticket to the concerned executive in the concerned department.

Our team lead, business head, and VoIP engineers made sure that every system works flawlessly and all officers know how to use this software efficiently. Thus, our engineers had given on-site installation, training, and support services.

Gurugram smart city uses our smart solutions and we are glad to share this. This smart city is also taking advantage of our expertise in building smart solutions within the least time.

Here you can read the complete case study on Gurugram Smart City Using Elision’s Smart Solutions

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