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We Have Launched Call Center Integrations Services

Smart Solutions December 3, 2020

We are glad to share that we have launched call center integration services. We will offer a suite of services related to custom integration for the call centers. These services are available for all call center solutions along with our renowned call center dialer solution, DialShree.

Our call center integration services include various custom integrations to make call center dialer an even more powerful and completely personalized solution. Our clients and prospective customers can choose to use one or more custom integrations as per their business needs.

Below is a quick brief of the call center custom integrations we offer:

1. Call center WhatsApp integration

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and heavily used modes of communication. We are integrating WhatsApp into the call center solution. This custom call center integration, adds another communication channel into the software. The call centers can then provide support and other services using WhatsApp as well. It also gives benefits related to using rich communication.

2. Call center collection integration

We have been catering to various collection agencies belonging to diversified industry verticals. The collection agencies have different disposition messages as well as customized operational needs. To meet these routine needs of debt collection companies, we have developed a custom module, known as “Collection Module”. We will offer call center collection integration. We add a collection module into the call center software. This software offers custom features related to collection agencies such as:

  • Call filtering based on various criteria. For example, skip calling numbers of customers that have given a promised to pay date and that date is far enough.
  • Custom fields with validations to meet the needs of collection agencies. For example, an agent has to add a specific date if the disposition is a P2P (Promised to Pay).
  • Custom disposition messages reflecting the disposition of collection companies.

3. Call center CRM Integration

This is one of the custom integrations, we have been offering for many years. We integrate different CRM solutions into the call center software or vice versa. The advantage of call center CRM integration is to provide an integrated solution to let agents offer personalized conversations and services to the customers and prospective customers. Some of the CRM solutions, we have integrated for many customers are listed below:

  • vTiger
  • Zoho
  • Salesforce
  • SuiteCRM
  • SugarCRM
  • And many more

4. VICIDial integrations

We offer various VICIDial customization services as VICIDial is one of the leading open source call center solutions. Some of the services are custom integrations as listed below:

5. Custom integrations

Along with all integrations we mentioned in this news release for call center dialer software, we also offer custom integration services. We integrate any third-party or open-source APIs, software, etc. into the call center solution to add additional features and functionalities into it. For example, we offer omnichannel call center software for which we integrate different communication channels into the dialer.

Contact us to know more and learn which call center integration you might need to take your business to the next milestone of success.

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