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VICIDial CTI Integration with Zoho

Get the right to use all critical features of VICIDial and Zoho along with augmented business centric functionalities within a single system with our VICIDial Zoho integration service.

Change the traditional model of storing customer information in Zoho and running calling campaigns from VICIDial to a modern and reliable approach with VICIDial Zoho integration. VICIDial CTI integration with Zoho CRM will help you streamline processes and let your team access all major features of these solutions along with some added functionalities with a facility of single sign-on.


Explore VICIDial CTI and Zoho CRM in a live walkthrough video.

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Take a quick walkthrough of the system shaped with the integration of Zoho and VICIDial to know how it can transform the way your typical campaigns of customer care and sales work better. With the advanced functionalities and flexibility of using the essential features provided by the Zoho VICIDial integration, your team could reap way more than they could with a conventional manner of using these tools.ion.


Major Features of VICIDial Zoho CTI Integration

Integration of VICIDial CTI with the Zoho CRM system aids in harmonizing processes and streamlining campaigns to produce better results and increase returns.

Simplified Data Export

The integrated solution will provide access to the Mass Export feature. Agents can simply select the leads in the Zoho CRM system and export them to the VICIDial dialer with a single click. Use these leads to run outbound or inbound campaigns with ease.

Manage Zoho Data from VICIDial

During a live call, agents can view and edit a customer record in the Zoho CRM system without leaving VICIDial. Not only this, but also a new record can be added to the Zoho system from the window of VICIDial, call center solution.

Initiate a call with a single click using click2call

Nothing can be as fulfilling for agents as connecting with the customers at their fingertips. The click-to-call functionality added to the Zoho CRM with VICIDial CTI integration makes this possible to relieve the stress of agents. A single click will initiate the call using a powerful CTI connector.

Mirror Data for Reliable Processes

System and process optimization are added benefits of VICIDial Zoho integration. It will push data from one system to another automatically and also give a manual option to do so. Keeping mirror data in both VICIDial and Zoho can help in taking more concrete and data-driven actions.



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