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WebRTC Development For Smart Communication Solutions

WebRTC February 6, 2020

WebRTC works on the concept of real time communication on the web. This technology allows the calling and conferences between multiparty using this technology. As it is a browser based technology, what you need is simply the internet connection, WebRTC enabled browser and required hardware such as headphones and smartphones or laptops. That is it!

We, Elision, are one of the early adopters of WebRTC technology. We offer custom services and solutions in this technology. We have served many customers with the custom module and application development in the WebRTC. These applications and modules empower the existing communication software and solution.

We have also developed a few WebRTC solutions, which have benefited many industries. Some of them are listed below:

  • WebRTC dialer to conduct audio, video and conference calls
  • WebRTC client solution
  • Web to call software
  • Call Center solution
  • And more

Also, we offer a custom solution based on the custom features required by the enterprises. WebRTC technology offers many benefits for organizations and users.

The key benefits of the WebRTC are listed below:

  • It is portable and device independent technology. Thus, users can access it from any device. No matter, you, your staff or clients are using the same device and platform or the cross platform devices; still, you can conduct the calls and conferences without any trouble. The communication will be fluid.
  • It has advanced security checks. It encrypts the data during traversing. Thus, it is completely secure to communicate using WebRTC solutions.
  • The WebRTC based solutions offer more than mere calling. It supports both audio and video calling with crystal clear HD quality. It also allows sharing the image, file and even screens. Thus, it can be used for any type of business communication.
  • It is adaptive to different network conditions, which makes it very flexible to use.
  • It is free so the only cost you need to pay will be of the customization and integration of the required features. This will decrease the development cost. Moreover, it uses VoIP technology, which further decreases the cost of calling and communication. These features make it the perfect technology for business communication.

There are many features and benefits, the WebRTC offers to blossom your communication and ROI. To discuss more, take the first step by contacting us.

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