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What Is a Hosted Contact Center Solution & How It Works?

Call Center Solution January 26, 2023

Increasing competition in different industry horizons makes it difficult to keep up with the increased revenue margins. Thus, it becomes necessary to increase customer retention and new sales. This can be possible with the right strategy in place. Human-machine combination of skilled agents and the best contact center software can help in improving the customer retention model along with the revenue generation strategy. 

As the use of this software has been increasing in different industry verticals, more and more companies have started jumping into the development industry to provide customized and innovative contact center solutions. Different aspects related to this software are improved. The hosted contact center solution is one of the intriguing inventions. It is not something new, but it has started increasing the adoption rate in the past few years.

As more and more businesses prefer hosted solutions over on premises contact centers, it is a must to understand it in detail.

What is a hosted contact center solution?

A contact center software solution is a fully functional solution that supports different call center operations such as cold calling, customer care, lead generation, sales, and more. A complete customer journey can be partially automated and completely enhanced with the best software for call centers. 

The contact center solutions can be hosted on the cloud or on the on-premise servers or shared servers. The cloud based solution is referred to as a hosted contact center solution. In general, the hosted contact centers are set up on the cloud space and owned by the providers. The call center service providers offer the hosted services to customers. This is another definition of this solution which defines that the software to support call center operations would be hosted on the cloud and offered as a rental solution to the call centers. This means businesses do not invest in buying the software. They also don’t invest in hosting or any other cost. Rather they use the best hosted contact center and pay for the service they use. It is also referred to as a virtual contact center. [ Cloud Call Center Solution vs. On-premises Call Center Solution ]

How does a hosted contact center work?

A hosted contact center provider will have feature rich contact center software hosted on the best cloud hosting space. The tenant, which can be a business, subscribes for the call center services to the hosted provider depending on the features they need. There can be different packages and a business needs to choose one package.

Unlike on premises contact centers, hosted contact centers are hosted on the cloud space and therefore, it has no other restrictions related to an on premises contact center. In fact, there are many advantages of using a hosted contact center.

What are the major advantages of a hosted contact center?

Let’s explore the top benefits of using a hosted contact center solution compared to an on premises contact center.

1. Rapid deployment

If there is the fastest deployment of a contact center software solution, then it is of a hosted contact center. The system will already be hosted on the cloud and all a provider needs to do is to create an instance of the software, grant access, and let you use the software. Unlike other contact center solutions, which may take weeks for deployment as one needs to install and configure servers and then deploy the software.

2. Flexibility

Getting a hosted solution is quite flexible compared to using an on-premise system. The world of call center solutions is a bit confusing for people that are not part of this industry. This can leave businesses confused or even lead to making the wrong choices. On the other hand, providers of hosted contact centers will have clear comparison charts, feature list segmented as per the required features in specific business or industry, and free consultation. The service provider will help you choose the right package for your business. That means it is the most flexible option to get started or even blossom with the right hosted software to run seamless call center operations.

3. Low cost

The cloud contact center software can reduce expenses drastically. First of all, the business does not need to pay for any of the following:

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Hosting space
  • Development
  • Expert technical staff

There is a straight saving on all these aspects and this would be a huge saving. Moreover, the license fee will not need to be paid for this software. This reduces the capital cost of the business on using this technology. 

On the other hand, unlike on premises contact centers with a virtual solution, the businesses will not need to invest in recurring costs associated with technical maintenance of the software, servers, etc. The business will also not need a technical person to handle the software and its maintenance.

4. Excellent scalability

Any cloud solution gives commendable scalability. Unlike an on premises contact center, businesses don’t need to wait to get the servers and configure them. Plenty of cloud space is available and the providers usually offer seat or system scalability on demand basis. It may take a few hours or days to scale up the capacity of the system.

5. No technical hassle

All technical aspects related to the contact center software will be handled by the service provider. From failover and recovery support to software upgrade, regular backup, and more. A business using a hosted contact center does not need to have any technical knowledge or expertise in his team. This is a great relief for a business as the technical aspects are handled completely by the provider.

6. No vendor dependencies

Even if a business uses a hosted contact center solution from one provider, if the business is not satisfied with software, service, or anything else, it can make a switch to another provider. If you are using one of the on-premise contact center solutions, once you buy the license, changing the software can be a great hassle and it would be very expensive. The whole process of finding the right software, installing it, using it, learning the usage, etc. should be done again. Unlike that, if you use a cloud solution, you can change the provider any time to meet your needs with lower economical risks.

7. Seamless call center operations

The cloud based hosted contact centers can be securely accessed from anywhere, at any time. Therefore, it will help in running the business in any situation. In fact, it also provides added advantages of using a cloud solution over an on premises contact center such as access to the global talent pool, remote working model, and more.


The hosted call center solutions are highly scalable, secure, and lean, the capital investment over this software is quite low compared to on premises contact centers. This can really help in getting started without having a huge budget to launch an owned contact center business. There are several advantages of a hosted solution over an on-premise system, which makes them perfect to grow and scale up business and revenue generation models. 

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