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What to Review for a Successful Call Center Audit?

Call center metrics get monitored frequently by supervisors in the call centers. They also put the required efforts to increase values of all major KPIs. On the other hand, a call center audit is a process in which third party call center experts or c-level executives of the call centers run an audit. The call center audit usually gets carried out quarterly and annually. The agenda of the call center audit is to assure that efforts and tools used in the call center are giving expected returns.

Unlike regular KPI monitoring performed by the supervisors in a call center, an audit of the call center includes reviewing crucial KPIs and data. In both cases, regular monitoring and auditing, a call center solution gets used as it gives the required information and data.

What you must review to assure the call center audit is successful:

1. Total number of calls

As the name suggests, it is checking the total number of calls handled in a call center during the selected time interval. Here, calls can be inbound, outbound, and blended calls. The total number of calls handled by agents further needs to be matched with the total number of agents you have in your call center. This helps in judging the average number of calls handled by each agent. This also shows how productive your team is.

2. First call resolution

First call resolution or first contact resolution if you are using an omnichannel call center solution (FCR) means the number of concerns that got resolved in a single attempt. It means that all of them received the resolution within the first call or contact. A higher FCR rate reflects a happy customer ratio, too.

The FCR also lets auditors judge how skilled the agents are. If your FCR ratio is higher, it means agents know the products or your offerings well and they also know how to use the call center solution and other tools given to them to get the required information for customers and deliver the required information to them.

3. Average call wrap-up time and average call talk time

Many call center auditors focus on reviewing average call handling time. That is definitely a great KPI to measure, but what is even important to measure is the time spent on the call and after the call. Bifurcation of this helps in checking if agents are working productively or not. To make it clear, average call wrap-up time is the time spent for post-call work, which can be adding disposition of the call, showing availability, switching call campaign, etc.

On the other hand, average talk time is the time spent on the call, talking with the customer. The difference and value of both help you find areas of improvement. For example, if call wrap-up time is too long, then you need to see whether agents are trained to use the call center software correctly or not.

These are the top 3 KPIs, call center auditor must monitor in the audit. The call center solution offering all the data in reports can be a great help here. We have a call center solution showing all these and many more KPIs in the reports. Contact us for more details.

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