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Which Are Must Have Tools for Agents Working from Home?

The pandemic has started taking a turn and the new strain of the Coronavirus has proven to be more dangerous. It is spreading the disease faster and there is much happening across the world because of COVID 19. Many countries have started shutting down their borders and many businesses have again switched their operational models to remote. If you are running a call center and going to operate remotely, then there are some tools, which your agents need to work productively.

In this blog, we will share major tools that are must to support agents working from home.

1. Hassle-free access to the call center solution

This is the fundamental need of agents as they need to work from home. The dialer aka call center solution should be easily accessible, so they can log in and work using it. The cloud call center solution is one option, which offers secure access to the call center software to remote agents. If you have on-premises servers, on which the dialer software is hosted, then you might not want to move it to the cloud. In this case, you can use the “Work from Home” add-on. This add-on can help you in accessing the call center solution from remote locations without compromising security. It also lets agents work in any condition.

To know more about work from home add-on, click here.

2. Flexibility to work without or with low bandwidth internet

The call center solution usually gets accessed via a web-based user interface. Therefore, agents need to have an internet connection to work on it. Moreover, the calls get carried out via an internet connection. This increases the need of high bandwidth internet. All agents might not be able to arrange high bandwidth internet. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on other options that let agents work even with no internet or a connection with low bandwidth. The option here is the “Work from Home” add-on. It lets agents work in both conditions using low bandwidth or no internet connection.

3. Mobile app of the call center dialer

Some agents might not have a laptop or a computer. In that case, they need to use their smartphones to operate remotely. The agent panel of the call center solution has to be mobile-friendly, so agents can access its features with ease on mobile devices. Other than that, a more important thing is, a call center should have a mobile app to simplify the access of the dialer using smartphones. For example, our DialShree Mobi is a perfect solution that can be used to access all features of the agent panel via the app and work productively.

4. Collaboration tools

When agents work from home, they may need more encouragement, engagement, and motivation. All this is possible with the collaboration tools. The call center solution offers internal chat and WhatsApp to communicate internally to assure the work goes seamlessly even with the work from home model.

If you do not have a call center solution or if you need any of the tools mentioned in this blog, contact us.

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