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Why You Must Have Live Chat on Your Website?

Live Chat April 3, 2018

Whether it is a business website or eCommerce site, one fact is true for all: the lead generation ration is lower than visitors flow of the website. The companies spent thousands of bucks on digital marketing services so they can receive more leads. The marketing activities bring a lot of traffic, but lead generation is quite low compared to the brought traffic. The reason is the visitors coming on your site need instant answers. Everyone is in a hurry and if they can’t find or understand something, they are more likely to leave. The solution here is install live chat software to your website.

Wondering, how will it help? Let’s explore the top 5 benefits of live chat solution, which prove its importance.

Chat is flexible, quick and easy. People like to talk with a live person while they are navigating a site to buy something. The executive on the other side of the chat works similar to a sales person in a store who helps customers to locate what they are looking for; answers their queries with smiling face and delighting them to become a customer from prospect. According to a survey result, 44% of online consumers mentioned that having a live person answering their queries during buying cycle is one of the most important features a website can offer. Add this convenient mode of communication today.

Reduce expenses
Chat is free on both ends. Yes, there is a onetime fee while you buy live chat software, but then you don’t need to pay anything. Likewise, the prospective customer can initiate chat without spending a penny. This makes communication free on both ends. Furthermore, you don’t need to invest in hardware such as headphone while using chat as a mode of communication.

Increase productivity
The live chat software provides a mechanism to support multiple chats in parallel. As agents don’t need to hang on the call, they can be multitasking. They can provide chat support to multiple clients, prospects, etc. in parallel. Also, they can work on other tasks in parallel. The quick wrap up and increased lead generation will boost confidence and morale of the agents. This increases overall productivity of your staff.

Increase sales
Lead generation is not a single step. It is a complete cycle, called, buying cycle. If your live agents can walk the prospects through website and products they are looking for, they are more likely to convert as a lead and business. This helps in decreasing bounce rate, i.e., visitors bouncing back without generating lead. It also saves time of business developer by assuring the quality lead generation.

Increase ROI

The live chat software will provide a prompt support to prospects by answering their queries in real time, which will increase lead generation and conversion. Furthermore, staff productivity and resource utilization will be improved two times more. In a nutshell, a business can leverage the benefits of increased revenues and decreased expenses, which will clearly increase ROI.

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