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Why You Must Shift to Cloud Call Center Solution?

VoIP solutions July 16, 2020

Cloud call center solutions are in use for ages, but now people are adopting it massively. If you are still thinking about whether you should shift to a cloud call center solution or not, this article will help you resolve this dilemma.

In this article, you will learn about the top 5 reasons to shift to a cloud call center solution:

1. Go remote or onsite, whichever approach you like

Cloud call center solution is your call center software installed on cloud space instead of in-house servers. It takes all IT infrastructure with this software on the cloud space. It means with the valid authority, you and your staff can access the call center software from anywhere. There are built-in security mechanisms available in major cloud hosting players such as Google Cloud, AWS (Amazon Web Server), etc. Moreover, your provider or network professional who installs the software on the cloud will enable further security walls to make sure the software, data, and their access are always well protected.

This lets you adopt a remote or in-house working environment based on your convenience. You can also shift from one to another without any extra steps. This is the flexibility of cloud software.

2. Enjoy the benefits of quick scalability

You do not use hardware to host and run your cloud call center software. Thus, scaling up the software is very easy and super fast. You can, in fact, scale up and scale down quickly. For example, if you are handling festival traffic, you can increase the capacity of handling call volume. As soon as the traffic decreases, you can scale down the capacity.

If you want to install one more instance of a call center software for another branch of your call center, you can make it live in some hours, unlike on-site call center software installation, which may take days or weeks.

3. Pay as you go

One of the amazing benefits of using a cloud call center solution is the pay as you go model. This model is not available with all cloud hosting providers, so choose one wisely. You can also take the advice of your call center software provider. For example, AWS offers the pay as you go model. Thus, you only pay for the usage of the software unlike physical servers, which demand a fixed cost.

4. Reduce maintenance expenses

The cloud call center solution setup keeps everything on the cloud. You will not have any hardware related to this software to take care of. Of course, your agents and supervisors may use computers, headphones, etc. However, there will not be physical servers to handle the software. Thus, you will not need to invest much in maintenance.

5. Adhere major compliances

Renowned cloud hosting providers know different compliances and legislation set for different software and its usage. Thus, they usually adhere to all compliances such as HIPPA, TRAI, etc. Depending on the country you use the software and the cloud hosting provider you use, you might need to take some more steps to enable these compliances. Some make them default for all.

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