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The Most Important Call Center Technology Trends of 2023.

Call Center October 18, 2022

Each year, the call center industry faces new trends and challenges and 2022 was not at all an exception. The challenges continued to evolve and technology constantly helped in overpowering them. Excellent call center services are necessary, but still elusive without the right implementation of the call center technology. Things in this industry change at supersonic speed and several external factors affect the technology implemented in the call center software. Thus, even if you did buy the best call center solution last year, you may need to scrutinize the performance and technology of that software to add the missing pieces and stay ahead in the game.

To help you in this journey of being competitive in this emerging yet rapidly changing market, we have jotted down the list of top 10 call center technology trends that will define the future of communication in 2023 and beyond. Your call center solution must have these trends implemented in it to enjoy the top position and excellent returns.

1. AI in call centers

Artificial intelligence (AI) driven tools are often considered a luxury by businesses, but things have spectacularly changed in this area. AI has paved its way into the call center industry to become one of the latest and stable trends in call center technology. From employee helpdesk to customer care, automation, and multiple other aspects of a call center are influenced by AI. As per the statistics, 68% of customers love to interact with chatbots as they are fast in responding and customers don’t need to wait in the call queue. Other AI factors like voice analysis, IVR support, voice assistant, etc. integrated into an AI call center solution is going to be a definitive trend in 2023.

2. Omnichannel communication

It is not an unforeseen trend. The use of an omnichannel contact center solution has been recommended by experts for many years. It streamlines communication across different touchpoints to give a holistic view to the agent. It will become one of the leading call center technology trends in 2023.  

3. Big data analytics

Whether a call center focuses on generating leads or wants to improve customer experience, analytics can be a driving factor. This is the reason it has started becoming one of the top call center trends in the industry. Nowadays, a call center software solution incorporates more than just reports. They give big data analytics, so call centers can reduce operational costs, increase productivity, and improve overall contact center performance. 

4. Digital scorecard

This has become one of the top call center technology trends as it lets supervisors have a quick view of various performance metrics as a whole such as:

  • Different operations in call centers
  • Performance of agents
  • Customer experience 
  • And more

Already businesses have started implementing this trend in their solutions and it will become one of the top call center trends in the upcoming years.

5. Cloud solutions

It is another trend in the call center technology industry, which is here to stay and be more popular. The COVID 19 pandemic has become one of the most powerful contributors to the increasing popularity of cloud solutions. With the compulsion of using this technology, this trend has proved its worth in increasing ROI by reducing overheads and increasing reach to the world level talent for users. It also improves the overall contact center performance as it guarantees 99.99% of uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement).

6. Self serving tools

If you want to focus your energy to improve customer experience, then you have to adopt this trend in your business. The fundamental self serving tools such as an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system have been in the industry for many years. Modern customers are not satisfied with this common tool for automated query resolution. They need something more than that and it can be possible with the adoption of the latest call center technology trends in this direction such as chatbots. Chatbots are more interactive and engaging and make things faster with their smart way of responding.

7. Social media engagement

Social networking websites have become part of the routine life of consumers. People use it not only to stay connected with their family and friends, but also to share their experiences and stay connected with their favorite brands. Whether you are delivering customer experience on social media platforms or not, your customers and followers would be talking about you. Thus, social listening is a necessary thing to stay on top to improve customer service game. That is why it is becoming one of the top call center trends. Integration of social media platforms into your solution is possible, so you can manage communication with clients and followers using the same software. 

8. Security

Security and data privacy are two increasing concerns in the call center industry. This software is also used in businesses that handle highly sensitive client information such as healthcare and Fintech. Data leaks or stealing can be major concerns of users in these industries. Thus, one of the leading trends in this segment is consolidating security to protect data from any type of leak, stealing, or hacking. Many providers and cloud platforms have already implemented the world class security mechanism. If you have not yet moved cheese in this direction, this is the time to seriously think about this call center technology trend to improve customer service in the real sense.

9. Advanced learning tools

As per the statistics, 94% of agents would love to stay with companies that invest in their learning. As you can see the number is so huge that you have no chance to ignore this trend. To retain experienced and skilled agents with your firm, you have to work on implementing self learning tools for your agents. You can also use a scorecard for agents’ performance tracking and improvement. But, there is no scope of overlooking this trend.

10. Automation in process optimization

Last but not the least is automation in optimizing day to day processes. This is necessary to give work life balance and more productive hours to your team. The call center technology trends have already introduced the top business tools to implement in your software to improve performance with well defined process optimization. CRM and CTI integration are two popular tools in this area. They automate pushing data from one system to another, so agents don’t need to enter data manually. There are several similar tools that can automate processes to improve efficiency and accuracy. 

Wrap up

The competition in the call center industry has always been at its peak. Even the COVID 19 pandemic, which broke the backbone of many businesses, could not affect this industry negatively. This gives a real reason to be here. But, just being in this industry would not be enough. You will need to constantly put effort to stay competitive. This is possible by leveraging the power of emerging call center technology trends.  Your software and business must gain sustainability by incorporating these trends, so you can deliver exceptional customer experience, elevate the delight of agents, and increase your overall performance. We, Elision Technologies, have always been staying ahead in this game of identifying and incorporating the top trends in call center technology. We have integrated artificial intelligence, analytics, self serving features, cloud hosting, social media, and all top 10 trends along with multiple other technology advancements in our software, DialShree. To explore more and initiate discussion, Get In Touch With Us.

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