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How to Motivate Remote Agents to Work Productively?

Working from home is not tough if this is the model you have been using for years, but if you have switched from an on-premise call center or business to a remote one, then you may face multiple challenges. To help you overcome these challenges, we have come up with some useful tips. These tips are related to keeping your agents motivated to work productively. As you know productive staff means smooth operations and steady revenue generation.

So let’s explore the major tips to help your agents work productively.

1. Provide them the required tools to work productively

The first thing is definitely providing tools such as work from home add-on with safe access to a call center solution. You can also provide them free internet or a laptop to work from home. The work from home add-on allows agents to work in any situation.

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2. Give them time to adapt the work from home culture

If your agents were working from the office, it might be new and uncomfortable for them to work remotely. They may not have a separate room or they are unaware of the right usage of work from home add-on or a cloud call center solution. Your agents may face several challenges. Thus, it is necessary to give them time to adapt this whole new operational setup and motivate them while they are in the transition of switching to the remote work model.

3. Use collaboration tools

One of the ways to motivate your remote agents to work productively is using effective collaboration tools, so they do not feel alone or left out. For example, use MassMeet: Video Conferencing Solution to have daily or weekly calls. A 5-minute long call can refill the energy in agents to work productively. A call center solution with an internal chat feature can also be helpful in increasing collaboration and letting agents connect with a supervisor or other agents to get a resolution to their queries.

4. Arrange some recreational activities and rewards

One of the major challenges agents faces while working remotely is stress. To relieve stress, it is necessary to arrange some recreational activities. Having a video call using a video conferencing solution like MassMeet and arrange some fun activities like games, discussions, stand-up comedy, etc. can help in motivating agents.

Keeping some incentives and rewards can also be a motivating factor for agents to work more productively.

5. Collect feedback

Last, but not the least, is collecting feedback from agents. Ask your agents about what they like or don’t like about working from home. Also, take their feedback on the fact, how your call center can help them work more productively. The feedback and taking action on the collected feedback can further help in improving productivity.

These are the top 5 tips that will help you motivate your remote agents to work more productively. If you want tools like work from home add-on, call center solution, call center dialer app, etc. that can help you provide the required tools to your agents working from home, then contact us.

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