Location : Mumbai
Since : June 2016
“PMC Bank”

PMC Bank aka Punjab & Maharashtra Co-operative Bank is one of the top 10 cooperative banks of India. The headquarter of the bank is located in Bhandup, Maharashtra. The stated bank started operating in 1984 with a single branch. In the past 30+ years, it has become a bank with 126 branches operating in six different states of India, namely, Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka, Goa, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

The Challenges Faced By The Bank

PMC Bank is one of the busiest banks in India. It has to deal with hundreds of customers daily in person as well as on the phone. Moreover, the bank has to do prospecting about their new interest rates, loan offers, credit card offers, etc. In a nutshell, the bank needs a good customer support center and call center. The bank started with the telecalling services from a call center service provider to meet its need of customer support and lead generation. However, the bank was facing following concerns with that approach.

  • The quality of service was not as per the expectation.
  • The turnaround time of attending calls and sending back the feedback to the bank was higher compared to the on-premises solution in which we can get to hear the customer and respond back in real time.
  • According to TRAI rules, the regulations are too restrictive when 3rd party vendor calls customers on behalf of a bank or an organization itself.
  • It increased dependency on 3rd party vendor.
  • There was no mechanism in place to measure the quality of service offered by the agents to customers of the bank.
  • There was no proper mechanism in place to deal with the system failure and recovery.
  • Bank wanted to make calls to customers to follow up for required or missing documentation, to give reminders, etc.
  • A few key features such as SMS was missing.
  • The custom reports were not available as per bank’s requirement.
The Solution Provided By Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd

The PMC Bank was looking for on premises solution with custom features so they can have full control over the customer care department. They contacted Elision Tecnolab LLP back in 2016 and shared their requirements with us. We were happy to provide them an exact same solution as they were looking for.

Below is the step by step procedure followed by our team to assist the PMC Bank to get the most suitable solution:

  • The executives of bank discussed about their requirements to our Business Development team. Our team collected the details and also provided some useful suggestions to get a future-proof system in place. By understanding their requirements, our team proposed the custom contact center solution.
  • Our Business Development team shared details of finalized scope of the proposed contact center solution to our technical team who developed scalable and secure contact center solution with custom features to meet requirements of the bank.
  • The design team took care of designing the best UI UX to make the system user friendly for both Admin and Agents.
  • The bug free delivery ensured by the hard work of our QA & Testing team.
  • The solution was deployed on Bhandup location of the bank by our VoIP engineers.
How it works? Inbound/Outbound Calling:
  • The PMC Bank uses the contact center solution offered by the Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd for both incoming and outgoing calling.
  • The system supports IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and other call center software features based on the caller’s requirement.
  • The system send an SMS to the customer based on the disposition fed by the agent.
  • The system log each call record to provide the details for review by the management.

All the calls and SMS are routed through Elision Contact Center solution which uses the Sangoma PRI card. The Sangoma PRI card makes call routing seamless and stable for the whole contact center as well as customers.

Key Features Provided:
  • Inbound calling so bank can attend the calls and respond back in real-time.
  • Outbound calling to customers to give reminders, to follow up for missing documents and other activities.
  • Blended calling activities.
  • IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) to provide self serving option to customers.
  • SMS functionality within the system using SMS API integration so an SMS can be sent to the customer based on the interaction with the agent based on the legal requirement.
  • Email integration to allow agents to send required email to the customer with further details or instructions.
  • Call recording for all calls to help and support agents at least turnaround time. Also, it helped in improving quality assurance and training programs.
  • Skill based call routing to ensure that the call is routed to the right agent who is skilled enough to provide resolution in the shortest time possible.
  • Hot marking APIs – Card Block functionality.
  • Real time reporting
  • Custom reports with following criteria:
    • IVR Report
    • Source –Toll Free number
    • Call Log
    • Turnaround of outbound calls
    • Bifurcation QRI
    • Bifurcation of Unsuccessful outbound calls
    • Bifurcation of Successful outbound calls and customer response
  • Failover and recovery support with a backup (UAT) server
Value Added Features and Integration:
  • HOT Marking Bank API Integration with Contact center solution which blocks card over IVR
  • SMS Integration via Rest API for SMS communication
  • Use of SMTP to send emails
  • High end security feature integration for Server & Data security at server and data level
Functional Environment of offered Solution:

We offered the turnkey contact center solution to PMC Bank, which had following functional environment:

  • HOT Marking Bank API Integration with Contact center solution which blocks card over IVR
  • SMS Integration via Rest API for SMS communication
  • Use of SMTP to send emails
  • High end security feature integration for Server & Data security at server and data level
Result Obtained

With the implementation of our proposed solution, the company was able to achieve the following results:

  • Better customer relationship model with independent calling solution
  • Uniformity in response to customer for all calls
  • Complete communication solution with all required channels: voice, SMS, email.
  • Complete ownership of process, data and system. This saved a lot of time of staff of the branch and each department
  • Stable solution with 100% uptime with help of Sangoma hardware
  • Seamless calling experience by integrating PRI lines with the contact center solution using Sangoma PRI card
  • Increased customer satisfaction by 98% as they get routed to the most skilled agent
  • Improved work proficiency of staff by 97%
  • Brand benefits due to professional communication features such as IVR
  • Remote access to the system using the web based solution
  • Custom and real time reports to measure different working areas and improvement areas
  • Disaster recovery to keep the system running even in case of failure
  • Scalable and flexible system which can easily get customized with feature enhancement in the future
  • Reduced cost of operations by 89%
  • Increased ROI by 78%
  • And more
Customer Testimonial:

We may say that we got all required features and control over the whole system and process of customer support as we wanted. Thanks to the contact center solution furnished by Elisiontec. Furthermore, we may say that the total costs incurred for handling ‘Inbound and Outbound’ calls by this in-house solution, is the same as the cost incurred in the past towards ‘Inbound’ calls ONLY by an outsource agency. This saves almost 50% of cost for us. These benefits have been achieved in spite of adding more number of Agents for making successful outbound calls, leading to higher business achievements. We appreciate the solution and support offered by Elisiontec, which not only met our needs, but also given us additional advantages.

What Elision Wants To Say?:

It was an immense pleasure to work with the PMC bank. It is one of the biggest banks in India still people are grounded. We are happy that we could provide them the solution which fits in their need.