Location : Ahmedabad
Since : February 2000
“Prudent Improved Call Quality and Agent Productivity with Dialshree”

Prudent Corporate Started in 2000, Prudent Corporate Advisory Services Ltd. is a fast-growing integrated wealth management company that provides wealth management services to personal and corporate investors. The company has experience of providing investment services in mutual funds distribution, equities, derivatives, third-party investment, fixed-income products, life &general insurance, commodities and real estate domain. At present, the company has an AUM of 18013 crores that is managed by more than 11497 AMFI-registered channel partners.

The Challenges Faced By The Company

Being an investment advisory and wealth management firm, winning the confidence of investors was of paramount importance. With the same aim, the company launched its customer support arm to solve the queries of investors and assist sub-brokers in accessing information related to investments. The company launched its toll free number that was backed by a primitive dialer solution without modernintegration and reporting features. As the call volumes increased with time, Prudent faced the following challenges with their existing setup:

  • Lack of system to track drop calls/ missed calls.
  • Manual report generation for every single parameter.
  • Longer wait times due to lack of the feature of transferring the call to next idle agent automatically.
  • Higher turnaround time without real-time access to agent performance.
  • High agent attrition rate due to manual system of operations.
The Solution Provided By Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd

The company looked for an efficient solution that can optimize call center operations while improving the productivity of the agents. Prudent contacted Elision during the end of 2017 and explained their concerns. We followed a structured process to transform their manual call center to a state-of-the-art automated call center. The step-by-step process followed by Elision is as follows:

  • Our Business Development team understood their current platform in detail and communicated openly about the areas they would like to improve upon.
  • Based on the requirements outlined during the interaction between Business Development Team and the company, our technical team devised a solution that included the following:
    • DialShree Contact Center Dialer Solution: The solution includes all required calling features such as manual dialer, in-group selection, call transfer, call park, call hold and retrieve, mute, logout, etc. This solution empowered agents to improve their productivity with the help of automated inbound/outbound call management features.
    • Full-fledged call center solution with basic to advanced call center features & advanced MIS reporting facility.
    • Two separate incoming call groups were made to regulate the flow of calls. One group, namely, Fundbazaar, was used to receive calls by only existing customers while other group- Prudent was capable of handling calls from any number.
    • One-click missed call service solution was developed to enable agents to identify missed calls and call the number directly from the agent panel.
    • CRM integration was implemented to give agents detailed information about a customer whenever he calls automatically via a CRM pop-up.
    • Voice mail feature was included in the whole solution to give agents the ability to call customers who have left voice mail messages.
    • Real time MIS system was developed that empowered management to get detailed reports about the process on their email ID.
  • Our QA and testing team performed required testing to promise 100% uptime of the system without compromising the quality.
  • The deployment team offered on-site deployment support and detailed training and support that ensured effective utilization of the solution.
Key Features Provided:
  • Basic and advanced call center features
  • Manual Dialer
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Call recording
  • Real Time Reporting along with Call Barging & Call Whispering
  • Historic call detail reports on different metrics
Functional Environment of offered Solution:

We developed the solution and provided turnkey support to deploy the solution with the following functional environment:

  • One Server
  • Call center solution for 30+ seats
  • 1 PRI Line
  • 1 Sangoma Gateway with 1 Port.
Result Obtained

Our solution helped Prudent in optimizing operations and improving overall performance of the agents. All in all, the solution ensured:

  • Digital call quality with minimum disturbance
  • 80% Improvement in agent productivity
  • 50.5% decreased in drop call ratio
  • 100% reduction in agent attrition rate ( No retention since the solution got deployed)
  • Enhancement in investor delight owing to improved service quality.

The solution also helped the management to access agent performance metrics and make informed decisions related to compensation, training and promotion.

Customer Testimonial:

Customer Contact name: Herat Gandhi
Designation: Customer Service Head

DialShree has been a crucial element that has helped in fulfilling our company’s vision of providing customer-centric support. Owing to the advanced features of DialShree, we have been able to track customer calls more efficiently. Insightful reports offered by DialShree has helped the management in tracking performance while at the same time reducing attrition rate owing to reduced load on our agents. It is only because of DialShree that we can think of delivering ‘WOW’ experience to every Prudent investor.

Our Experience:

Happy customers are vital for any business as it gives work satisfaction.

We are glad that Prudent Corporate Advisory Services Ltd is one of our happy customers. I highly appreciate the skills and expertise of the company and support they provided. It was great experience working with the prudent to provide them contact center solution to overcome their concerns.