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WebRTC vTiger Integration: Facts and Benefits

VoIP solutions October 24, 2017

vTiger CRM Solution

vTiger is most widely adopted CRM solution. It is an open source and it offers all simple to advanced CRM aka Customer Relationship Management features and functionalities to empower lead management as well as making lead conversion and lead nurturing process simpler and faster. It has both, paid and free CRM versions to offer.

WebRTC Solution

WebRTC introduced web browser based communication solution to support real time communication. Its full form is Web Real Time Communication which allows you to make audio and video call using your web browsers.

Furthermore, the WebRTC solution also offers additional communication features such as Instant Messaging (chat), file share and image share support full fledged communication.

vTiger WebRTC Integration

We, Elisiontec, have introduced a service which combines power of these two powerful systems called vTiger CRM solution and WebRTC based communication solution.

The service is named as the “vTiger WebRTC Integration service”. We integrate WebRTC based communication solution which is also known as WebRTC based Webphone into vTiger CRM system.

This vTiger WebRTC solution integration service will:

  • Enable click-call feature within the CRM system
  • Enable browser based calling within the CRM system

How will it work?

Once WebRTC is integrated in your vTiger CRM system, then it can be used as below:

  • Your agent will click on the number of a lead (customer or prospect)
  • Call will be generated within the CRM using WebRTC’s browser based calling functionality
  • The agent can have a conversation using the WebRTC and can provide personalized experience to the customer by using available information in the vTiger CRM system

Top 5 Key Benefits of Integration of vTiger and WebRTC:

1. Eliminate additional hardware and software for calling

Once you integrate WebRTC based webphone in your vTiger CRM system, you don’t need to use IP phones or any other phone hardware. This will eliminate all hardware and wiring required for setting up the hardware based communication solution.

Also, you don’t need to install any softphone. This will eliminate all additional software, plug-ins and add-ons, which are required for calling. This is because WebRTC doesn’t need any software for calling. It offers the browser based communication solution to provide the Real Time communication solution.

2. Save time

This will obviously save a lot of time as now, the agent neither needs to manually dial a number from his phone hardware nor needs to setup tools and a softphone before calling.

All he needs to do is click on the lead record and phone will be generated. This will save a lot of time from manual calling as well as maintenance of communication related hardware and software.

3. Increase productivity

The calling will be performed faster and in a simpler way compared to other communication solution. Furthermore, the agent doesn’t need to open multiple solutions for calling and lead data. Everything is available within a single screen. This will increase productivity of the agent.

4. Save money

Each business has to save money as much as it can to keep profit margin higher. The WebRTC integration with vTiger will help to achieve this business goal. As you can see it will eliminate all additional hardware and software required for calling, it will save a huge capital investment as well as maintenance cost.

5. Increased profit

The collective number of saved time and increased productivity will make a huge difference in the business. Furthermore, the saved money over capital and maintenance will further help in increased returns over investment. Also, the improved staff productivity will increase profit margin.

Want to learn more about how further vTiger WebRTC integration can benefit your business or how can we set it up for you? Contact us.

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