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WebRTC Web Phone for Managers and C-level Executives

WebRTC October 2, 2018

WebRTC is one of the best VoIP technologies to develop amazing solutions to strengthen communication and collaboration. There are many different unified communication systems that can be built on top of the WebRTC such as, WebRTC Client, Web Phone, etc.

In this article, we will talk about the most popular WebRTC solution, namely, web phone. The web phone uses browser technology to initiate, conduct and tear down the calls and conferences.

The experts perform WebRTC development to build a feature rich web phone that supports voice and video call, chat and file share feature. This WebRTC based web phone can be used for the staff members, call center agents, etc.

The most common use of the Web Phone is that it eliminates the need of the softphone and physical phone device. It means no additional hardware or software is required for communication. Thus, many BPOs have integrated the WebRTC phone in their contact center solution.

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Almost all of us know the benefits of this WebRTC solution for agents, but do you know it can also be used by the managers and c-level executives in a little different way. Wondering how? Let me explain.

When you use the web phone and when an incoming call is received, your browser will start ringing to alert you. This is convenient for agents who receive multiple calls one by one. But, what about the managers?

Generally, the managers and c-level executives have least frequency of calls to attend. It is convenient for them to keep the headphones on. On the other hand, if they won’t attach the headphone, the system may ring abruptly, which can interrupt their ongoing actions. What is the solution then?

The solution is the interconnecting the WebRTC Web Phone and IP Phone.

We, at Elision, can interconnect the web phone to your desk IP Phone, so whenever a call comes in, instead of ringing in the system, it will ring the IP Phone at the desk of the manager or supervisor. Then, he can pick up the call from any preferred option.

There are many benefits of this integrated solution. Let me share the top 3 benefits of the same.

Improved communication

The web phone definitely has more communication features than a simple IP Phone. Thus, the managers can take benefit of this real time and powerful communication solution by using the web phone.

Increased productivity

The supervisor, manager or c-level executive doesn’t need to stay attentive to receive the browser calls on this WebRTC solution with this integrated solution. They can concentrate on their work and when a call comes in, they can attend it just like a normal phone, but with better features. This way they can work in a more productive manner without breaking the focus.

Complete Communication logs

All the calls made via WebRTC based web phone will be logged into the system. The call log records are often useful in many operations and business decisions. Thus, this integrated solution will provide the complete call logs to benefit your overall management

We can offer many more interesting features with our expertise in WebRTC development. Contact us to discuss more.

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