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What Is Call Center CRM Integration? How It Works?

CRM Solution December 18, 2018

Call center solutions are used to run various lead generation, lead nurturing and customer support campaigns. Earlier the call center solutions were so expensive that only big companies, BPOs and KPOs could buy the call center software to run their campaigns.

However, these days the technological advancements and the reduced calling costs due to VoIP based call center solution, the call center software is available for all sized businesses. Likewise, the CRM system is another important and cost effectively available solution, which is used to manage the lead information and data.

Do you know that integrating these 2 different and highly powerful systems together can help you increase your agent / executive productivity, customer satisfaction and overall business?

The Call Center CRM integration is possible and this integration usually happens in a way that your team can use the major features of both of these solutions within a single window. They don’t need to switch back and forth to use these two systems.

If you are completely unaware of the concept of Call Center CRM Integration, please read, Complete Guide on Call Center CRM Integration.

What Is Call Center CRM Integration?

In simpler words, integrating one of these solutions in another one in a way that the major features of that system can be used within a single system is called call center CRM integration. Moreover, it automates some actions to remove the necessity to perform redundant actions.

How Call Center CRM Integration Works?

This integration of the call center software and CRM system can be done in two different ways.

1. CRM integration within call center solution

Here the integration is performed in a way that major features of CRM system are accessible within the call center software. It means when a call is connected, the agent / executive can see a popup which will show all details related to lead which are stored in the CRM system.

Moreover, whatever changes made within the call center solution in the lead data will be updated in the CRM record automatically. This integration can be done in a way that the disposition and campaign leads created in the call center solution can automatically get added in the CRM system.

2. Call center solution integration within the CRM system

In this case, the VoIP experts integrate call center dialer aka call controls in the CRM system. Moreover, the click to call functionality will be added in the CRM system. Once this type of call center CRM integration is done, the executives / agents can click on the lead data to generate a call to the lead.

As soon as the call is dialed with the click2call functionality, the call center dialer will be popped up with the basic features like, mute, un-mute, call transfer, call hold and retrieve, etc. As soon as the call is finished, a disposition-box will popup so the status of the call can be added.

These are the 2 different ways of the CRM call center integration. One can be chosen based on the usage of these 2 systems by the company. Alternatively, take help of the expertise of the service provider to assure you choose the best option.

We have helped many businesses with our call center CRM integration services and we have expertise in integrating any call center solution with any CRM system, including, open source and proprietary. Contact us to know more about it.

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