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Code Blue Solution: Emergency Alert System for Hospitals

Solutions August 1, 2017

An emergency is an unavoidable circumstance which can occur any time. Thus, we all need to be armed with the latest tools and technologies to deal with the emergency with the least damage and quick rescue. Hospitals serve many patients at the same time. The patients can’t move fast in case of emergency. Thus, it is mandatory to have everything in place to ensure the quickest possible rescue. The Code Blue: Emergency Alert solution can work miraculously for the hospitals.

Let me share, how does it work?

  • The Code Blue Emergency Alert solution is a telephonic system developed by Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • It creates different groups of relevant people and assigns an extension to each of them. Each group is given a name with a color code. For example, the cardiac specialist group has an assigned extension 701 and given the name “Blue”.
  • In case of emergency, just a single extension call will inform everyone in that extension group. Following earlier example, the call on 701 will inform everyone in the group called Blue. This group may have doctors, nurses, and other staff
  • Once they are informed, they may start doing the rescue work such as getting medicine or operation theatre, etc. ready.

Code blue emergency alert solution for Hospitals

This solution is important to make the rescue operation faster. Moreover, this Code Blue: Emergency Alert solution come up with advanced features to make the things faster in case of required rescue. For example, it supports multiple mode of communication, including, but not limited to:

  • Voicecall
  • SMS aka Text Message

This mean everyone in the group will get predefined SMS with the detail of room number or extension from where the emergency call was made so they can reach there quickly and the person don’t need to explain the details and room number. This makes the rescue and help operation extremely faster.

Furthermore, the Code Blue: Emergency Alert Solution introduced by hospitals will contact admin in case of failure to notify the main person who may arrange some backup.

The hospitals can create the different codes aka extensions for making the help quick to save the patient and act fast to ensure that things get under control at quickest possible.

Here are a few examples of Code Blue extensions used for a hospital:

  • Code Blue: Cardiac arrest
  • Code Silver: Providence Medical Center
  • Code Black: UnityPoint Health
  • Code Yellow: HASC
  • Code Pink – Cardio-Respiratory Arrest

The Code Blue: emergency alert system developed by Elisiontec has benefited many organizations and hospitals. To know more about the solution or to get a free demo, contact us.

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