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How IVR System is Helping Healthcare Industry

News April 10, 2015

IVR System for Healthcare Industry

IVR system has contributed immensely to the progression of healthcare industry. A system which was employed previously in the call center industry has been found to be advantageous in healthcare management, as well.

Let us examine its impact of IVR system on healthcare sector, one of the fastest growing industries in the nation.

The IVR system now finds a pride of place in enhancing efficiency in the healthcare industry and assists in unhindered workflow in pharmacies, nursing homes, hospitals and clinics through VoIP. The healthcare industry is in a better position to offer care with improved communication technology by offering seamless connectivity between personnel and patients of a hospital, courtesy the IVR system.

Key advantages of IVR system for the healthcare industry

Quick retrieval of patient history:

Knowing and studying patient disease history is key; and doctors need to do so before they plan treatment for their patients. The IVR system is a boon to doctors and the healthcare industry in general as the system enables recording of patient disease history and replay of the same at any convenient time chosen by the doctor.

This is a great advantage as it helps free the specialist without immediate pressure to study the patient history and enables time to attend to other crucial tasks. The doctor is in a position to revisit this information at a more convenient time. The information about patients can be provided by the hospital at any time and doctors can view it with a single click.

Saves time and offers better service to patients:

When patients call in, the IVR system has an Auto attendant feature which activates auto reply to a call. After welcoming the patient, the auto attendant feature moves on to assist in providing the required information without human interference.

All types of queries pertaining to the hospital and services are presented to the caller in a menu format and after the choice of information is made, the caller is auto directed to the information without any employee engagement. With the IVR system in place, manpower can be employed in other indispensable areas, thus improving quality of healthcare.

Cost effective product:

An IVR system comes with modern features which work well to suit any scenario. The system is extremely cost effective and when one analyses the benefits, it is extremely suited to healthcare where timely information and quick retrieval is sacrosanct, and can make all the difference between life and death.

The IVR system can positively impact the functioning of the healthcare industry by smoothening workflow. It has proved itself to be extremely efficient, reliable, and easy to use which can result in optimizing time, manpower and money, the most valuable resource of any industry.

The IVR system may just be what the doctor ordered for the smooth functioning of the healthcare industry. And Elision Tech has the latest IVR system that is ideal for the healthcare industry. This system has all the features to transform the healthcare industry.

Here are links to case studies which shows how Elision Tech's IVR System have helped healthcare industry:

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2) Unipath Lab (IVR + Inbound + Outbound)
3) CIMS Hospital (DialShree - Omnichannel Contact Center Solution)

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