Call Center WhatsApp Integration

WhatsApp has become an inseparable part of people’s life. From a small business chat to a long personal chat takes place on this messenger app. People are habitual of this communication medium and that is why there are many businesses that have started supporting communication on WhatsApp. Prospects and customers are encouraged to send their concerns and comments via WhatsApp and they will get the response there. WhatsApp supports rich communication features. Thus, it has become one of the best communication channels for business and professional communication.

When we talk about call centers, it becomes complicated for them to use WhatsApp based communication for multiple reasons. Some of them are pointed out hereunder:

  • It is inconvenient to buy multiple numbers and give it a number to each agent so he can communicate via WhatsApp.
  • For a single number on anyone system WhatsApp web can be connected.
  • Call center software and WhatsApp windows will be different so agents will need to go back and forth.
  • The approach of giving individual WhatsApp numbers can reduce productivity and makes it impossible to measure productive time spent on the phone as it is difficult to watch out all agents.

The same dilemma is there in all businesses. How to introduce WhatsApp communication when there are multiple customers and prospects and multiple agents or executives to handle that WhatsApp communication?

We, Elision, are here with the solution. Being one of the best omnichannel contact center software provider, we have introduced call center WhatsApp integration.

What is call center WhatsApp integration?

We integrated major features of WhatsApp web with the call center software to give access to the major features of the WhatsApp web to the call center solution users. This will provide WhatsApp within the call center window of the agent and admin, both.

Once our engineers integrate WhatsApp with the call center solution, it can be used for all major types of WhatsApp based communication without stopping ongoing calling campaigns in the call centers via call center software.

Key Features of Call Center WhatsApp Integration:

  • Major features of WhatsApp web integration in the call center solution. Get a similar look and feel of WhatsApp web within the call center software.
  • Single Sign on (SSO) facility.
  • Use a single mobile number for all agents. All agents can use the WhatsApp web with a single number and all of them exchange messages in parallel within their call center window.
  • Map WhatsApp numbers to campaigns. If you have multiple numbers, you can assign different numbers to different campaigns.
  • See different contacts with whom chat took place in the past or going on right now.
  • Switch from one chat to another.
  • Search a group name, contact name, or number from the available chat list.
  • See notifications similar to the WhatsApp web. For example, 1 tick on the message sent status, 2 ticks on the message delivered status, and blue ticks on message read status.
  • Recent chats stay on the top
  • Send text messages
  • Upload and send a video attachment
  • Upload and send an audio attachment
  • Upload and send files like PDF, Doc, etc.
  • Upload and send images in different formats such as JPEG, GIF, Tiff, etc.

We have already integrated major features of WhatsApp web in our proprietary omnichannel call center software: DialShree. We have also integrated major features of WhatsApp web in one of the leading open source call center solutions: VICIDial.

To use WhatsApp Web within Call Center Software like DialShree All You Need Is:

  • A mobile phone SIM card with activated WhatsApp account
  • An active internet connection on the premises

All you need to do is scan the WhatsApp Web QR code in our app to send and receive messages and take the benefit of all major features of the WhatsApp web. Please note that you need an active internet connection all the time to use this functionality as WhatsApp Web is an internet based application. The speed of instant messaging on the WhatsApp Web depends on your internet speed and not at all on the call center software performance.

We can help you with additional benefits and convenience of WhatsApp chat in your call center solution. Contact us for more details.

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